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Support Grumpy Git's Road Trip

Support a dream and get great value and professionalism in return

Whilst I am in the process of selling my house to free up the finances to make this lifelong dream of travelling and photographing the people and places, a reality, the ability to continue travelling long term will lie in your hands.

There are several ways you can support the road trip and my efforts to create content that will provide value to you.

These are outlined below.

Buy me a coffee/meal

If you find value in the content I create and you can support me buy buying me a one off coffee or if you can become a member and support me with regular monthly donations.

But I was not raised to believe that anything in life is simply given to you!

So for each of my membership levels, which start from just £5 per month, you will receive rewards that if purchased would be in excess of your donation! 

There are also some great membership deals including a blog writing membership where for just £100 per month (or £1000 per year as a one off) I will write you one SEO optimised blog post per month! Shop around, that's great value for an SEO optimised blog post.

Website design and SEO consultancy


Confused about which web host is the best for your business? 

There are many options available these days from WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy to bespoke PHP built websites. If you don't have much knowledge of websites then how are you possibly meant to know which is best for you?

I listen to your business plans for the medium and long term and then recommend the best option based on YOUR individual requirements. I build websites primarily in Wix and Squarespace. However, if your business requirements suggest it's a better option, I also build WordPress websites. In some instances, it may be that you require a bespoke website in which case I can make a few recommendations.

Your business success is my top priority and therefore I will recommend a website host based on your needs and not my personal preference. 

Social Media Management/Marketing

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness for your business on social media or trying to increase the number of inbound leads, I will work WITH you to agree on your marketing strategy and goals for your chosen social media platforms.

With over 25 years of close alignment with sales and marketing teams and extensive knowledge of the largest social media platforms, creating and nurturing an audience is 2nd nature to me.

We all know content is King, and therefore when you work with me, we will work to create content that brings value to your audience and encourages engagement. Engagement is crucial to your reach on social media so increasing your reach is always a goal I recommend having on your social media marketing strategy.

Check out the link below for more information on my social media management and digital marketing services on The Online Presence Guy website.


Business Training & Support


Whether you need support in putting together your business plan, marketing strategy, content plan or training on commonly used business applications and platforms I have you covered. 

With over 15 years of end-user training experience gained during my career I know how to convey technical information that will make sense to people with very little technical capability. 

I train you on the things that matter in YOUR business to ensure you put your time and efforts into tasks that are going to bring value to your audience and generate those much sought-after inbound leads.

For more information on the training I provide, check out my Online Presence Guy website.


If you are a business that targets people in travel, photography, camping, outdoors, hiking etc industries, then I'd be keen to have a chat with you. 

I will be providing lifestyle type commercial photography for clients whilst I travel. You will be able to get your product photographed in various lifestyle settings in any of the countries that I visit. 

A great opportunity for international brands to get their products photographed in front of landmark sites around the globe!

I will also be offering Portraits in the Park sessions at public parks along the route of my travels, check out this page for more.

Whilst I am waiting for my house to sell, I will also continue to offer commercial, product and food photography in my home studio along with fine-art portraiture.


Stock Photography

You can also support my efforts by purchasing some of my stock photography images from my stock site. These start at a mere £1 and there are already some great images available that would look great printed on a large canvas or poster and displayed in your home or office.


Limited Edition Prints

I will be selling some of my images as limited edition prints. These will exclusively be sold through my online store here. 

A percentage of the proceeds raised through the sale of these limited edition prints will be donated to charity and you will be able to choose from a pre-defined ist which charity your purchase supports.

eBooks and Photobooks

Once my road trip is underway, I will be looking to create eBooks and photobooks based on my experience during the road trip. 

Some eBooks will list attractions you should check out, places to get vegan food, a list of sites where you can park overnight for free or cheaply, campsites etc.

Photobooks will show images of each country I visit, focusing on architecture, the people and the landscape/nature of the country. 

These eBooks and Photobooks will be added to my store as they are created and possibly also made available through Amazon.

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to be notified of new eBook and Photobook releases.

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