About Elton

Hey, cheers for taking the time to read this bit!


I'm Elton, a lifelong photographer and owner of EmC Photography. 


Born and raised in Durban, South Africa for the first 27 years of my existence. This is where my love of photography began from the tender age of 5. 

I spent the vast part of my youth photographing wildlife, landscapes, surfers, skateboarders and BMX'ers.


I moved to England in January 1999. What stupid timing that was! Left South Africa in near 40-degree heat to land at Heathrow at -2 degrees. Let me tell you, a 40-degree drop in temperature in 12 hours, is a little bit of a shock to the system!


I continued to do my photography as a hobby alongside my career in IT. I started working with models and actors around 5 years ago delving into creative studio photography.

Up until that point, I was
never keen on studio photography. I mistakenly thought that studio photography would be boring because you had full control of the situation. You posed the model. You added any props. You put the lights exactly where you needed them. 

Whereas with landscape and wildlife photography, you have to deal with the environment and lighting conditions Mother Nature decides to provide you on that particular day. 

I was very wrong!

I very quickly discovered studio work has
limitless creative opportunities. I was hooked. 

I enjoy being creative and creating portraits of people that are not ones you see every day on social media and the internet. A piece of art that you would be proud to print to a large canvas and hang in your homeThere is no greater joy for me than to see the work we created together being displayed on show in a clients house. 

When I'm not photographing or editing images, I use my downtime to practice my guitar playing skills which I began teaching myself about 4 years ago after attending Glastonbury and being inspired by the Jam Tent. Never going to be in a band but I can get away with strumming a song or two around a fire. 

Based near Cambridge, I enjoy travel and during the course of my IT career, I've visited pretty much all of the UK.

As you might expect, I love rugby and cricket. 

I'm a bit of an animal lover, having owned a large variety of pets along the way. A wide variety of snakes, pet Russian rats, gerbils, hamsters, marine fish, sea horses, marine eels, many dogs, a marmoset monkey.

Right now, I have a Staffordshire terrier and 2 African grey parrots.

If you're looking to work with a relaxed and laid back photographer that doesn't take life too seriously (unless the situation absolutely requires me to) and whom you can share a few laughs with as we work, I'd love to hear from you

Contact me by phone on +44 (0) 7545 287 079 or email info@emcphotography.biz

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EmC Photography

Baines Coney

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Tel: 07545 287 079

Email: info@emcphotography.biz

Cambridge. London. England. Wales. Scotland. United Kingdom. Norwich. Ipswich.

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