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Elton. Grumpy Gits Roadtrip. Digital Nomad. Vanlife. Web designer. Website design. Affordable websites. Social media manager. Digital marketing. Commercial photographer. Travel photographer. EmC Photography. United Kingdom
Elton in a river. Grumpy Gits roadtrip. Commercial photographer. Travel photography. Digital nomad. Vanlife. Travel. Blogger. Web design. Website designer. EmC Photography. United Kingdom

The travelling Online Presence consultant and photographer

Hello Howsit! 

I'm Elton, The Online Presence Guy aka Grumpy Git!​

Originally from Durban, South Africa where I spent the first 27 years of my life and developed my love for travel and photography, I immigrated to England in 1999.

Dad to two teenage boys, who are a huge motivation for this transition from a corporate career to one of a digital nomad. The hope being that once I'm on the road, I'll be able to spend some quality time with my offspring during school holidays etc whilst we go travelling together. 

Having grown up in South Africa, I have a healthy love affair with nature and the outdoors and started taking pictures of the things that caught my eye from around 5 years of age. 

My wanderlust, I believe was embedded in me during my informative years when I travelled around South Africa with my grandparents. 

For several decades I tried to beat my need and want to travel into submission, however after, 3 redundancies in 4 years in my IT career and the loss of a very near and dear friend very suddenly, I realised now was the time to follow a lifelong dream and do what needs to be done to put myself in a position to undertake longterm travel.

Elton jamming. Grumpy Gits Roadtrip. Digital Nomad. Vanlife. Blogger. Web design. Website designer. Social media manager. Digital marketing. EmC Photography. Commercial photographer. United Kingdom.
Elton and Shaka. Grumpy Gits Roadtrip. Digital Nomad. Vanlife. Blogger. Web design. Website designer. Social media manager. Digital marketing. EmC Photography. United Kingdom

Digital nomad

The first step in my transition to becoming more nomadic in nature is to sell my house. 

This has proven far easier said than done. To date, I've had accepted 2 different offers on my house, with both buyers then subsequently pulling out of the purchase 4 and 2 months into the process respectively. 

But I persist and currently I have accepted a 3rd offer on my house and am keeping everything crossed that 3rd times a charm!

Once sold, I will take some time to plan my road trip, purchase and prepare a camper van or motorhome and then set off. 

I have so many destinations and places on my bucket list that I am not going to be able to travel to them all in a campervan. Therefore, I will be a bastardised version of a digital nomad and vanlifer as I cross items off my bucket list.


I have plans to undertake a roadtrip to visit 30 countries in the UK & Europe. With Brexit. there has been a massive spanner thrown into the planning because UK citizens are now subjected to the 90 day visitor VISA which means after 90 days in any, or a combination of, Shengan countries, you need to leave the Shengan area for 180 days before being able to return. 

This has presented a massive challenge to my intended road trip plans but one that I hope when I get down to the serious planning, I will be able to find a way to make happen. 

I will therefore for long periods of time be a vanlifer living in a self contained campervan that is able to go off the grid when I so desire.

Join me as I source a campervan, install what's needed and customise it to my particular needs. I have zero experience of being a vanlifer, so what you see is basically the journey from knowing very little about the lifestyle, through to actually embarking on my first long-term road trip in a van. 

Authentic account

What I can assure you of is an authentic, no-bullshit account of my transition into this world.

I worked in the corporate world for over 25 years. I climbed the ranks and was on a decent salary at the end, but I wasn't happy. 

What will unfold over the foreseeable future will essentially be a diary-style account of my travels, my experiences as a freelancer and just how feasible it is to earn a living whilst travelling. 

If you've been on the fence about making the change to a life a little less restrictive, then my story may help tip you either way. Either you're going to decide that you cannot deal with the reality, or perhaps my reality will not be as bad as you envisage it to be.

If you're ready to get a reality check about the nomadic lifestyle, sign up to my newsletter below and get buckled up!

Support the Git

In order to keep the wheels on the bus (van) turning, I will obviously need to earn a living whilst on the road or visiting any of the many countries on my bucket list.

I will be offering various services aimed at freelancers and small business owners including web design, social media management, digital marketing, business mentoring and training. You can see more details of these services over on my The Online Presence Guy website including details of my Shebang website guarantee where I will work with you following launch of your website (built by me of course) until we get it ranking on page 1 of Google for your local area!

In addition to my small business support services, I will also be creating and selling photobooks and travel guides during my travels in order to set up some passive income opportunities. You can find more ways in which you can support my efforts in creating this travel resource on my Support page.

In order to create a valuable travel guide for fellow travellers, I will help from local businesses, tourist attractions and local guides in the various countries I'll be visiting. To see how you can assist in creating this resource, please see my Get Involved page.

See you on the road!