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Road Trip For Charity

If you haven't already heard/read about the aims and goals of the project, please have a read of that post.

This post highlights what charities who opt to take advantage of the project can expect, and what the expectation of them is. Hopefully, it will help you (the charity) decide whether there is any value for you in the project.

What size charities are you willing to work with?

Ideally, I'm looking to help smaller, local charities with the FREE photography services and images offering.

I will be donating to larger, national charities a percentage of revenue earned from sales of stock photography images, limited edition prints and 10% of any earnings from paid work I pick up along my travels.

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What sort of charities are you looking to work with?

I'm willing to work with charities aligned with any work. I currently have ongoing photography projects into Mental Health and Homelessness so charities aligned with these sectors are of especial interest. Other charities I'd love to support are:

  • Cancer research and support

  • Alzheimer's research and support

  • Adult services

  • Child services

  • Animal sanctuaries and conservation

  • Elderly care and support

This is not an exhaustive list, and I'd love to hear from any local charities.

Social Masks

How will you decide which charities to work with?

Depending on the interest in the project by local charities, I'd be looking to donate at least 2 days a week to working with charities in the area I am visiting at the time. Therefore, it may not always be possible to work with every charity that has expressed an interest in the project.

If this is the case, then I will prioritise those charities whom I feel I can help the most with professional images.

As much as I'd love to be in a position to offer free charity work on a daily basis, I do have to attempt to generate income along my road trip to be in a position to continue offering the free photography services and images.

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What does a charity get from your free photoshoot project?

Each charity that I select to work with will receive UP TO 1 DAY of my time and photography services.

How long I spend with you will be confirmed once we have had a discussion about what photography you require and I can work out the duration required. It may be that I can look to fit two local charities into a single day depending on the requirements.

You will also receive FREE images of YOUR choice. The number of images is reasonably restricted, see details below.

How many images will our charity get for free?

This depends on the nature of the photoshoot but will be confirmed when we discuss your requirements and confirm your booking.

If you are requiring headshots of your staff, you will receive one image of YOUR choice PER staff member.

If you are requiring 'lifestyle' type shots of your charity at work (for example nurses or carers caring for their patients, staff working at desks/on the streets etc) then you will receive up to 15 FREE images of YOUR choice.

Amur Leopard

How can I use the images you supply?

Images are supplied with a COMMERCIAL license.

This means that you are free to use the images to post to your social media outlets (assuming you have any), on your website, in marketing campaigns both online or in print etc.

Are there any restrictions to the use of the images?

All I do ask is that you credit me when posting/publishing the images. This is to get exposure for the project and encourage other charities to get in touch!

In addition, you CAN NOT sell the images.

Can more images be purchased?

Yes. If after your allocation of free images, there are still further images you would like for your charity, then these can be purchased at discounted rates for charities. These will also be provided with a commercial license based on the above restriction.

What do you expect from the charity?

My expectation is simple, respect my time and other charities.

I have already had a few charities who have agreed with me a date to come and deliver free photography services to, only to have them cancel the day (or two) before the photoshoot was due to take place.

This not only shows no respect for my goodwill but also prevents another charity from being able to benefit from the charity. As stated, I will only have a limited amount of time to work with charities in any given area of the UK. Therefore, if your charity is selected to be included, and we have confirmed dates in the calendar, please understand that it is likely that I have to then turn other charities away.

Please understand, that while I am making this project available to local charities for free, if I was charging a local business for these services I'd be charging anything from £1000 per day.

FREE does NOT mean of NO VALUE.

So please be sure, if you express interest to be considered to be included in the project, that you value what professional photography can provide your charity, and that when we agree on a date, you are committed to that date.

As mentioned above, you will be required to credit me as the photographer when publishing any of the images (online or print) to aid the promotion of the project to other charities.

Do you use the images yourself?

Yes, you will need to agree that I, as the copyright holder of the images can use some images taken during your photoshoot myself. These MAY be used in:

  • My photography portfolios

  • A blog post about the work undertaken with your charity

  • Social media posts

  • My Stock photography site (a percentage of any sales of images taken during your photoshoot will be donated to your charity)

How do I express my interest in getting my charity considered?

Please drop me an email with a brief description of your charity, the number of staff, links to your website/social media and what photography requirements you have.

Sign up to my mailing list to be kept up to date with travel plans to see when I will be visiting your area (I will contact those charities who have already expressed an interest in working with me when I'm heading to their area)

How can I help this project?

There are many ways you can help, even if you're not a charity yourself, or you don't have a need for photography at this point. There may be other charities out there who would jump at the opportunity.

Share this blog post! Share it to all your social media outlets.

Follow my other social media channels (links at the bottom of the page)

Tell any friends or family who are involved in a charity about the project.

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