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UK Vanlife - The Goals

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

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The aims of road trip charity

I realise in my excitement to undertake this project and get things going, that I have really not sat down to plan things out properly and have missed one of the most important elements of any projects.... what's in it for you?

So herewith, the main aims, goals and aspirations for this project.

Support charities

The underlying aim of the project is to be able to support charities. I have a particular interest in Mental health, Homelessness, Cancer research and/or support, Animal/wildlife conservation. And 10% of all earnings taken during the project will be donated to one of the charities aligned to these subjects. Other charities will also be supported by either donating my time and photography services FREE of charge or donations of money from sales of relevant stock images, calendars, limited edition prints, buy me a coffee donations and subscriptions etc.

Whilst I am investing £20k myself, to financially back myself for the first year of the project, to be able to be in a position to continue helping and offering my services free of charge to charities I'll need the support of the public as well as businesses. As much as I'd love to be able to do charity work every day that simply is not realistic.

Even on days where I am not undertaking charity work directly, many travel images I take, whether street, architectural, landscape or wildlife photography will be made available for purchase through my stock image site, limited edition prints, calendars and subscription-based sites like Buy me a coffee. Proceeds from sales of these images will be donated to charities, ranging from 10% - 50% of proceeds.

Type of photoshoots charities can get in touch about:

  • Headshots of staff

  • Lifestyle type images of your staff going about their daily activities. For example, nurses caring for patients in a Hospice.

  • Marketing and commercial images for your marketing campaigns and fundraisers.

  • Events and PR images

  • Really, any photography needs your charity may require.

For more information on what charities can expect from a confirmed photoshoot, please see this blog post.

Create a valuable blog/website

It is my intention to create an entertaining travel photography blog and resource that both tourists looking to visit a country, or people looking to plan a road trip of their country can use to plan an itinerary, learn of interesting places to visit, quirky establishments to see etc.

Those interested in travel will get to see blog posts, images and videos of the places I visit. Including urban/street photography of the people encountered. Architectural images of places of interest. Reviews of tourist attractions or businesses involved in the hospitality industry.

Fellow photographers should also find value as they will be able to see some locations that they can themselves then visit on their travels. Budding photographers may pick up some tips and hints as I will provide BTS footage or information on the settings for a particular shot etc.

Charities will also be interested in following so that they can be aware of when I am due to be in their area. You can then get in touch to arrange a time with me to undertake any photography requirement you may have. I will also create blog posts for any charities I work with so you can see how I am working with other charities.

Digital nomads will hopefully also find the blog a useful resource as I will essentially be one myself. I will, therefore, be looking to highlight on the blog/website any business/venue that specifically caters to this lifestyle. This will include shared office space, hostels, wifi-enabled cafes restaurants that welcome back backers/travellers etc.

Meet people

Isn't that a given when you go on a road trip? Well, I guess it is. I've always been a 'people watcher'. Not in a creepy way! So I'm really hoping to meet some truly interesting people along the way and getting to hear some of their stories. If you follow the blog and are in the area of where I'm heading and would like to meet for a coffee, get in touch. Obviously I can't meet everyone, as I do want to be out there taking photographs, but if you would like to join me on a photography outing, perhaps you know your city and want to be a guide? I'd love that!

I hope that this has made clear of the ambitions and aims for this project and why your support will be invaluable. If you have any questions, please do comment below because I'm sure there is a lot I haven't covered!

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