Clare Castle Country Park

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Clare Castle Country Park - Suffolk

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Name: Clare Castle Country Park

Type: Park / Woods

Country: England

State/Province/County: Suffolk

City/Town/Village: Clare

Opening times: Open all the time

Entry fee: Free

Parking available: Yes

Parking fee: Pay and display

Address: Malting Lane, Clare, Sudbury, C010 8NW


I have spent countless hours in this park. Whether on my own simply taking a time out from life and enjoying the tranquillity the park has to offer, always armed with my camera as every visit has something new to offer. The park has something to offer for everyone. A popular location for dog walkers. It contains paths lined by trees, a river running through it, a large pond with an abundance of water birds.

It truly is a great day out for the entire family.

Things to do and see

Open green spaces

The park contains two large open green spaces which are always well maintained and provide an ideal area for a picnic, ball games or just catching the rays on a summers day.

The river Stour and ponds

The Stour River (pronounced Stoor or Stowr) which runs through the park. The river Stour has been immortalised by painter John Constable in many of his most celebrated works.

The pond at Clare Castle Country Park

The castle ruins

The motte, at approximately 60 feet is one of the highest in England. It now contains a small section of a previous shell keep of at least two stories. It is well worth the climb to the top of the motte for a truly inspiring view over the town of Clare.

The playground

If you have little ones, they will love the playground at Clare Castle Country Park. With many pieces of play equipment available, it's sure to keep your youngsters entertained for an hour or two.

The railway buildings

Clare has the ONLY railway station built within the bailey of a castle!! The railway buildings are Grade 2 listed and are the only surviving examples of those built to the 1865 design.

The Railway Buildings at Clare Castle Country Park

Platform One cafe

Is located in the original 1865 bookings hall of the now disused Clare Railway station and serves a selection of hot and cold drinks, light lunches and snacks.


As stated, this is one of my favourite parks for a reason! Each season has it's own unique beauty. If you're a photographer looking for some great nature images, it comes highly recommended. Bring a tripod along for some long exposure shots of the river and ponds.

The ponds can get rather green in the autumn and winter months.

Oh, and keep an eye out on the resident swans. They are absolutely stunning birds, but can be a little temperamental when chicks are around.

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