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How You Can Get Involved 

Ways you can help create a valuable resource for travellers around the world

Grumpy Gits Roadtrip. Digital nomad. Vanlifer. Travel blogger. Sponsorship. Commercial photography. Invite me for a visit. United Kingdom

Invite me for a visit

Are you a business that services the travel and/or tourism industries?

I'd love to come and visit your venue or attraction to be included in my blog and YouTube content. 

I'm especially keen to visit street food vendors, cafes and restaurants that have a vegan menu. However, I do also want to experience the best of local and traditional cuisine. 

If you run a tourist attraction and would be prepared to provide free entry for a shoutout on my social media accounts then please do get in touch. 

This is a very cheap way to get some exposure for your venue/attraction and for me to experience as many of your countries activities as possible. A win-win is always a good thing right?

Come Visit Us Git!


One of the things I am keen to do as a freelancer is to donate some time and my skills to support small charities. Especially those charities aligned with mental health, homelessness and children services. However, if you're a small charity that serves other areas, please do still get in touch and if I have the capacity I will try to help where I can.

I kicked off my #roadtrip4charity project in 2020 with the initial goal of working with 20 small charities in 2020. Whilst it got off to a promising start with photoshoots for MS Trust, Steel Bones, Red Hen Project and Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service. Unfortunately, COVID put a halt to the project. But I am fully committed to resuming this project, which offers free photography services and images to small charities to assist them in the marketing and fundraising efforts as soon as restrictions are sufficiently lifted to make this possible.

Be A Sponsor

I will be pushing hard to grow an audience across my social media channels and blog. Currently, these platforms are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I've just recently started up a YouTube channel which I hope to be able to monetise in the future. 

I am open to talks with businesses that share similar values for the following types of products:

  • Photography gear

  • Hiking gear/products

  • Travel gear/products/services (flights, car/bike rental etc)

  • Camping gear/products

  • Tech products

  • Vegan food brands

In exchange for your sponsorship, I am offering several benefits in return. Smack the button below for more information.

Check Out The Benefits Of Sponsoring

Local Guides And Experts

Are you a bit of a local expert? Do you know where the best food is served? Or the truly unique activities and out of the way shops or attractions?

I'm dead keen to hear from locals from all over the globe (yep, globe, it is what it is) about places I need to add to my to-do list for when I visit their country. When I visit these places, I will of course give a shoutout to those who suggested or recommended it.

Whilst I will do the main touristy sights I am really more interested in the more hidden gems. Maybe you know where the worlds largest chicken is near you. Or the deepest hole. Or the woman with the most cats. The more quirky, the better. 

I want to share content that is not the mainstream sights people expect to see when you visit a certain country. Like the Eiffel Tower. Of course, as a photographer, I am going to take hundreds of pictures of the damn thing, but that's expected. I'm interested in having a more authentic of the countries I visit.

If you have seen The Kindness Diaries on Netflix then that is my ideal scenario (I have suspicions that there's a lot staged in the series?), not the travelling with no money bit, but the part of being invited to eat with locals. 

Get in touch to recommend somewhere I should see/experience or invite me for a meal 😊

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