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Photography training

1 to 1 and group photography training to elevate your photography

Photography training suitable for individuals and business owners

Photography training and coaching. Photography course. One to One photography training. Business photography training

Are you passionate about photography but frustrated that you can't be more creative by taking full control of your camera?

Or perhaps you are a business owner who needs a regular and constant flow of images to show your products or services to the world via social media.

Whatever your motivation to improve your photography, you've come to the right place!

What does the photography training cover?

My Photography 101 training consists of teaching what you need to know to immediately start taking better pictures. We start with the exposure triangle, the foundation to understanding your camera. The exposure triangle consists of 3 key elements, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Together they are referred to as Exposure. Exposure is the amount of light (which is what photography is all about) that hits your camera's sensor. We then discuss composition and training your eye to find more interesting and creative shots.

The training consists of two 1-hour sessions. During the first we cover the fundamentals. You are then given homework of a few images to take. We then jump on the 2nd call a week or so later to go over the images you have taken, I provide feedback on each and you have the opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen during taking the images.

How is the photography training delivered?

The training is provided via two 1-hour Zoom calls on a 1:1 or group basis

Is the session recorded?

The session can be recorded if you would like. The provided video is under copyright so distribution or sharing is strictly prohibited.

Why chose you to be my photographer trainer?

During my career in IT I trained in excess of 50,000 delegates if various software solutions. As a manager, I have also trained many staff on sales techniques, business tools, project management, account management, presentation skills and marketing. I know how to train people and I can quickly tailor my delivery to suit your knowledge level. I am NOT scripted unlike many other trainers out there.

Do I get any support after the photography or editing training?

Yes. You will get access to a private Facebook group where you can share images for critique or ask questions about any issues you may be experiencing.

How much is your photography training?

Photography 101 - £100 for 2 1-hour sessions

Group training - £50 per person up to a maximum of 4

How do I book a photography training session?

Book your Photography 101 session here

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