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Event Photographer

Professional event photography to capture the memories for generations

Weddings, Engagements, Proposals, Birthdays, Baptisms and Christenings

Wedding photographer. Family photographer. Family photoshoot. Baptism photographer. Event photographer

Documentary-style event photography that will provide memories for several generations to come!

With over 40 years of experience behind the lens, I have shot under all types of lighting conditions and for probably every type of event going. What this experience means to you is that I'm fully competent to shoot with or without a flash depending on lighting conditions. Where possible, I do try to not use a flash as I personally prefer to try and capture the true lighting conditions and atmosphere of the event without introducing artificial lighting. 

Many photographers are well versed in natural light photography (using only available light) whilst others are very competent with using flash units. What is more tricky to find is a photographer efficient in both settings.

Why choose me as your event photographer?

As a professional photographer (ie, someone who earns a living through photography) I take my role as your photographer very seriously! I am registered as a sole trader and have the necessary (and required by law) insurance to undertake your photography assignment. 

I come prepared with two of everything. 2 camera bodies, 2 of each type of lens I plan to use for the assignment, several batteries and SD cards with my camera allowing for the use of 2 cards simultaneously ensuring that should one fail, there is a backup! Because let's face it, we can't have a do-over of your event should any of my kit fail! So when choosing a photographer, be sure to check that they have backup gear!

Do you have references?

Absolutely! And I'm pleased that you're actually taking the time to check these!

A warning about references!

As I'm sure you are aware, in this day and age, many business owners use less than honest methods to try and secure business and your hard-earned money! One of these dubious acts is to get fake reviews! Unfortunately, there are 'companies' you can pay a small fee to who will then have several people leave 'reviews' for you. This is common and larger platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor etc also! 

So when considering someone's references, try and see if you can find out who the person is who has left the review. Are they legit? Have they left references for others? And if they have, do they read similarly? 

Rather than post reviews and recommendations on my site like many do (which often are totally fabricated) I have provided links directly to where my reviews exist online. This allows you to see who has left the recommendation or review to confirm that they are legit!

Take a look at my reviews on Facebook and LinkedIn

Whether you're looking for your first-ever portrait photoshoot, or you are a seasoned pro in front of the camera, I'm confident you will be delighted with the results from our photoshoot.

How much do you charge for event photography?

I keep my pricing simple, just choose the package that best suits your requirements

365 images / up to 8 hours - £1000 (choose 10 images for Advanced editing)

182 images / up to 4 hours - £720 (choose 8 images for Advanced editing)

90 images / up to 3 hours - £450 (choose 6 images for Advanced editing)

45 images / up to 2 hours - £270 (choose 4 images for Advanced editing)

23 images / up to 1 hour - £160 (choose 2 images for Advanced editing)

Additional images for all packages: £8 each

PLEASE NOTE: The above prices are for standard editing only (besides the free allowance per package for Advanced editing). Standard editing includes developing the image (brightness, shadows etc) and removal of temporary blemishes like pimples, scratches etc. Skin smoothing is NOT included within my standard editing packages. 

Should you require professional/advanced, magazine-quality editing, please get in touch to discuss your requirements including how many images you would want for a no-obligation quote

Images are optimised for web sharing and suitable for printing up tp 8 x 10 prints. If you require larger prints these can be ordered separately.

How do I book?

Please either fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page including where the event is taking place and the dates and I will respond with my availability. Alternatively please do give me a call to discuss your requirements. If I am unable to answer, please do leave a voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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