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The Full Story About

Grumpy Git's Road Trip

A long term photography project documenting as much of the world as I can.



To educate and entertain my audience through imagery and video content captured during my travels of the UK, Europe and hopefully further afield.


To provide an authentic and genuine account of full-time van life as a middle-aged solo traveller in the hopes that I may inspire just one other person, couple or family to chase their dreams of travel and living an 'alternative' lifestyle.


It is my goal to travel as much of the United Kingdom and Europe as I can in my 1996 Hymer B564 motorhome. And further afield by plane and rentals. 

As I travel to these countries I will document what I experience and see through both photography, and video bringing my audience along with me for the adventure.

It is my hope to be able to create a repository of content that would be of value to fellow travellers, photographers or those considering the van life or digital nomad lifestyles. 



Since a young child, travel and experiencing as much of the world and its people has been something I've dreamed of doing. Highly influenced by Sir David Attenborough and his documentaries of our planet.

In 2019 I made the decision to pursue this long term wanderlust after almost 3 decades working in the IT industry.

In June 2021 I sold my home and the majority of my replaceable belongings. Keeping only those items that money cannot buy.

In August 2021 I moved into Star, my 1996 Hymer motorhome.

Follow & Support

You can follow and/or support my road trip and goals via the following online social media channels and blog:

YouTube - I post the majority of my video content on YouTube. These include content relating to van life, photography and of course, travel.

Buy Me A Coffee - Whether you'd like to support me with a one-off donation to literally buy myself a coffee, or you'd like to be a more regular sponsor, I have various options and rewards available for the lovely people who see value in what I'm doing. Members get access to exclusive content, free image downloads, limited edition prints, discounts, behind the scenes and more.






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