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Virtual Photoshoots

Virtual photoshoots are all the rage!

I was one of the first photographers in the UK to offer virtual photoshoots when the COVID pandemic struck

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Virtual photoshoots - the new normal?

Are you in need of a new business headshot but just don't have the time to get to your nearest photographer?

Or perhaps you have had a new addition to the family and would like professional guidance to get the best possible images of your precious newborn?

Or perhaps you'd like to take some boudoir-style images either for yourself or your significant other?

Whatever your photography needs are, the chances are it can be done virtually!


Why choose me as your virtual photographer?

As mentioned above, I was one of the first, if not the first UK based photographer to offer virtual photoshoots.

Combined with over 10 years of directing my clients in portrait photoshoots, I know how to combine the two to ensure we get the best possible images on the day.

My editing then further enhances what we have captured resulting in very surprising results!

How does a virtual photoshoot work?

You install an app on your iOS or Android smartphone. You provide me with your unique access code from the app. I use the code within the app on my device and once connected, see what your camera sees and basically become the 'virtual photographer'.

You will be able to hear me through your smartphone speakers. I will instruct you where to position both your subject and your telephone for the most flattering image. 

I take the image which is uploaded/sent to my device in real time. 

I edit the images.

I supply the images to you via a secure Dropbox link.

What do I need for a virtual photoshoot?

An iPhone or Android smartphone. The newer the better!

A tripod (or someone else to hold the phone if you are the subject of the shoot)

Well lit rooms if shooting indoors

Wifi or strong 4G signal

Do you have references?

Absolutely! And I'm pleased that you're actually taking the time to check these!

A warning about references!

As I'm sure you are aware, in this day and age, many business owners use less than honest methods to try and secure business and your hard-earned money! One of these dubious acts is to get fake reviews! Unfortunately, there are 'companies' you can pay a small fee to who will then have several people leave 'reviews' for you. This is common and larger platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor etc also! 

So when considering someone's references, try and see if you can find out who the person is who has left the review. Are they legit? Have they left references for others? And if they have, do they read similarly? 

Rather than post reviews and recommendations on my site like many do (which often are totally fabricated) I have provided links directly to where my reviews exist online. This allows you to see who has left the recommendation or review to confirm that they are legit!

Take a look at my reviews on Facebook and LinkedIn

How much do you charge for virtual photography?


£50 for the first hour (this includes a pre-shoot video chat to have a virtual walkthrough of the area you intend to shoot in so that we can agree the best locations prior to the shoot)

£25 per additional hour

Images cost £3 each and include standard editing. 

How do I book?

Check my availability and book here.

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