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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

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Yesterday (2nd December 2019) I made the decision that I would be placing my house back on the market to make pursuing my dream a reality. A separate blog post on this decision will be made shortly!

In preparation for the start of my road trip around the UK and EU (initially) and the travel blog, I would like to start building up my email list with subscribers whilst I undertake the trivial issues of selling, moving etc.

My email list/newsletter is NOT about selling to you on a constant basis. The purpose of the newsletter will be:

  • Inform subscribers of my travel plans for the next week/month. Why? It is my hope that I will be able to earn while I drive around the UK and EU. So by notifying my subscribers of my route for the next week/month will allow anyone who would like to work with me the opportunity to get in touch to book in a photoshoot.

  • Inform subscribers to new blog posts. Once I hit the road, it is my intention (please don't hold me to it!) to post on a daily basis. That may be a blog post here or a video to my YouTube channel (still setting that up!)

Who will benefit from subscribing to my email list/newsletter?

  • People interested in travel. Initially, I will start my road trip in the UK, covering Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, then making my way across to Europe.

  • People who have a business in the travel and/or hospitality industry and would like to be featured on the blog! I'm especially keen to meet and visit quirky establishments that aren't necessarily the 'typical tourist' sites!

  • People interested in photography. I will post blogs and vlogs of photography tips, behind the scenes etc

  • Businesses looking for a commercial photographer to work with. It is my intention to earn money to keep the van wheels turning by undertaking commissions as I travel. So if you are a business owner, or decision-maker and would like to commission me for commercial work including staff headshots, product photography, food photography or event photography. Signing up to the newsletter will let you know when I'm going to be in your area. As I will be in your area, there are significant discounts available over my (and other commercial photographers) prices! So bag yourself a bargain and in the process keep the wheels turning on this old fools van!

  • Amazon/eBay and product sellers. Would you like images of your product photographed in front of some of Europes iconic sites? You will have the opportunity to post me your products and commission me to take images of it in the various countries I intend to visit (keep an eye on the blog for details of travel!). This will give your brand/product a truly international feel!

  • Sponsors. Businesses interested in sponsoring this venture. I'm especially interested in speaking to businesses in the travel, camping/outdoors and photography industries. In exchange for your product sponsorships, we will agree the number of images and locations for said donation. You will receive commercial rights to these images of your sponsored product to use in marketing and advertising campaigns. You will also obviously be mentioned in the blog!

  • People considering taking the leap into self-employment or indeed becoming a digital nomad. I will provide an honest, no BS account of both my successes and failures. The highs and lows and hopefully give you an accurate account of what it's truly like to undertake a life-changing shift in your late 40's!

  • People who would be interested in joining me for parts of my road trip! Another option I'm considering to bring in some cash whilst on the road is to have a person or couple join me for a week/couple weeks of parts of my road trip. This would mostly appeal to fellow photographers most likely as a lot of the destinations I will be seeking out and stopping at would be ones of scenic beauty. So it could be that I spend an entire day at a particular location waiting for sunrise or sunset for that 'awesome' photograph. Get in touch if this would be of interest to you!

So there you have it. Your support, by simply signing up to the email list/newsletter and making your friends or family aware of this undertaking would be appreciated more than you know! This dream is only going to be achievable by the people I meet on the road. The people who commission me for photography assignments, whether that be staff headshots, commercial photography, event photography, family portraits or indeed weddings!

Help a middle-aged fool achieve his goal and in return, I promise to do my best to bring you content of value. A bit of humour. A lot of oddity and hopefully in doing so, I will be able to help some people along the way.

Disclaimer: Once I'm on the road, I may simply not have the time to post long, thought out posts on a daily basis. But I do have the intention of using this blog and YouTube as a daily diary. Even if it's just to summarise that days events, share a place of interest and a photo/video or two. So please do forgive me if not every post is highly polished!

Thank you, and I hope to have you along for the journey!


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