What is personal brand photography?

What is personal brand photography?

The main goal of personal brand photography is to allow your potential clients or social media audience a glimpse into you and your business.

It is especially popular in sole trader and 1 owner limited companies, however larger companies are now also realising the impact and importance that personal brand photography can deliver for their brands.

You don't necessarily need to be a business owner to consider a personal brand shoot.

Who is personal brand photography suitable for?

Pretty much any business where YOU are the business. Examples include:

  • Chefs

  • Caterers

  • Coaches

  • Trainers

  • Website developers

  • Authors

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Actors

  • Musicians

  • Artists

  • Copywriters

If you provide a service, many people will base their decision on whom they work with on who they like and trust.

Personal brand photography is about capturing your personality and showing this to your audience to encourage engagement and brand awareness.

Model Personal Brand Photoshoot

What does a personal brand photoshoot consist of?

The aim of the photoshoot would be to show your character as well as give a glimpse into your 'working world'.

My personal view on personal brand photography is that the images should appear to be natural and not too staged or posed (of course the reality is that it absolutely is).

Typically clients opt to do a set in their office, whether this is an actual office or their home office. These images will show my clients going about a 'typical day in the office'.

Depending on the client this could include images of a client on a Zoom call if they are a business coach for instance. Or they could be images of a chef preparing a signature dish. Or a web designer behind their PC/laptop coding a website.

What we want are images that tell the viewing what you do. A picture speaks a thousand words apparently.

Depending on which package my clients opt for, there is also the option of doing sets within a local coffee shop (if you're going to take pictures inside any cafe/shop be sure to get the owners/managers permission, ideally in writing!) and/or a local park if you are an outdoor type.

In all my packages, you have the option for at least 2 different outfits (full day shoots you have the option of up to 6 outfits). So you can opt for a more casual look, followed by a more formal one.

Personal brand portrait of a coach

Incorporating your brand colours

If you have brand colours, we will look to incorporate these into some of the images. This can be as simple as wearing a shirt or top that matches your primary brand colour. Or placing some appropriately coloured flowers or fruit on the set.

How do I prepare for my personal brand photoshoot?

I have written a post which will assist you in preparing for your personal brand shoot. You can read it here.

Once you have secured your booking I will also arrange an initial Zoom video call. This gives us an opportunity to virtually meet and to in discuss in further detail the images you are hoping to capture during your photoshoot. This Zoom call is where we will agree on the sets we will use during the day (for example, living room, office, dining room, kitchen, garden, local coffee shop, local part etc). It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

What licence is provided with personal brand images?

Personal brand photography is an odd one for fitting into a licence category. Typically there are two main types of license, personal use and commercial use. There difference being you can't use images issued with a personal use license for commercial use (eg advertising).

However, with personal brand photography, everything about the photoshoot is about marketing you and your business. So the genre spans personal use and commercial use licences as far as my licence permissions are concerned. This means, if you undertake a personal brand photoshoot with me, you will be permitted to use the images for advertising your business and services. The only limitation is that you cannot sell the images themselves (for example printing them to mugs and then selling the mugs). If you want this option then please discuss before booking your photoshoot.

Check the terms and conditions of your chosen photographer about what restrictions, if any, are in place for use of the images before committing.

Personal brand photoshoot for a businesswoman

A library of images!

With my full-day personal brand photoshoot, you get 80 images included! These will provide several years worth of images for use across your website and social media channels. In addition, I retain the original images for up to 7 years years so you are able to come back and purchase additional images should you so require in the future.

Time for new imagery for your business?

If it's time to get some new, professional images for your website, and work with a photographer that will put you at ease and have you totally enjoying your photoshoot, then get in touch!

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