What is brand photography?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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Brand photography is a relatively new term in the marketing world. As brand becomes more and more important in todays world, brand photography essentially covers all aspects of business photography.

Brand photography essentially incorporates commercial photography and corporate headshot photography under one umbrella.

Brand staff images.

Also known as corporate headshots, commercial headshots or business headshots. For me, a headshot is something you deliver in Battlefield or Call of Duty on the Xbox/PS4! Never really liked the term personally. Staff brand images can either be the more formal studio type shot, with a coloured background (white is actually not the most recommended colour!) or lifestyle type images. Lifestyle images are basically shots of you/your colleagues in a more relaxed setting. For example, outside your office, at your desk, standing in a corridor or indeed an outdoor location like a local park.

Personal brand shot of a businesswoman

Lifestyle images

Also known as commercial photography. These style of images show you/your colleagues going about a typical 'business as usual' day. This can include staff at their desks working on a PC, a company meeting or presentation, relaxing in the break area, a mechanic under a car, a carpenter using a circular saw, an artist painting a work of art, an author typing, a vet performing a procedure etc. I'm sure you get the idea? Lifestyle and brand photography is all about inviting your viewers/prospects into your world. Showing what you do and the people who make it happen.

Jeweller at work

Product photography

If you produce and sell tangible goods, brand photography incorporates this also. Whether you're looking for typical eCommerce style images with a solid background (typically white) or more creative studio photography using natural light or a plethora of studio lighting options. Looking to have your product shown in a more lifestyle setting? No problem, I'm fully mobile. I also have access to models should you want your product to be shown worn or being interacted with by people.

Seafood paella

Event photography

And finally, event photography for those business-related events most companies will have. Christmas parties, award ceremonies, Summer BBQs, team building days or conferences. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, flash or no flash, I have you covered.


I hope this makes Brand Photography a little clearer to you now? As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Brand photography covers any photography related to your business (brand).

Any questions, please feel free to comment below and I'll be happy to assist.

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