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Vanlife UK - Finding LPG (gas) stations or pumps

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

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If you're planning or are currently undertaking long term travels it's very likely you are using LPG gas.

My motorhome has a 38-litre tank mounted to the bottom of the vehicle with a nozzle protruding from the side through which the tank is filled.

Not every fuel station in the UK offers LPG pumps therefore it can be a little tricky and takes some planning to ensure you don't run out!

The best way for finding LPG stations

Download an app called MyLPG from your AppStore!

The app is FREE and uses GPS to determine your location and then shows you a list of the closest places to get LPG based on your location!

It really is a must-have for any long term traveller or vanlifer to have in their arsenal.

The app can work offline and provides an option to update the database when you do have a signal.

Users of the app can verify that a station still exists along with when last it was verified.

Stations that have been recently verified will have a green icon, those that haven't been verified for a while will appear as orange.

Tip for LPG gas users

If you have a chassis-mounted tank like me (Gaslow, Propex, Autogas etc) then my first tip is to top up the tank whenever you get the opportunity. Places with LPG pumps are getting fewer and fewer and I predict that this will become even worse over the upcoming years as many venues opt to remove LPG pumps in favour of electricity charging points for vehicles. Therefore, if I'm ever near an LPG pump, I will top up the tank as I don't know when I may next be close to a pump.

Help others

I hope that you will find the MyLPG app a useful addition to your road trip tools.

If you know of any apps or tools that you use for your travelling purposes, please do comment below as it may well be useful to both myself and my readers 😊

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