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Van Life Tip - Expect unwanted guests

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

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Before I started my van life journey, I spent many months doing research. Hanging out in van life groups on social media and just absorbed as much as I could.

However, one thing that I didn't see others reporting was unwanted guests in your van.

And I'm not talking about the scary ones that try to force their way into your van to steal it!

But more innocent little critters like rodents.

So when I began my van life journey, having to deal with rodents in my van was simply not on my radar.

Recently, after leaving my van with a garage for just over a week for some repair and MOT work, it was returned to me with a lodger.

This lodger was systematically getting into all my dried goods and making a mess in my cupboards.

I knew it had to go. But I wanted to do it humanely.

So I popped online, ordered a humane mouse trap and put it in the van with some peanut butter as bait.

Within 4 hours of setting the trap, I had caught the little cutey.

I proceeded to go and let it out in a forest park. Be sure NOT to let it out near to your vehicle because the chances of it returning are high as it will smell its own scent. So best to take it at least a mile or so away from your vehicle.

There are theories that certain scents will keep mice and rats out of your vehicle, peppermint I believe is one that has been mentioned. However, I have a dog and I really don't want to overwhelm him with scents to keep out critters that are hopefully rare visitors.

I hope that this post has been helpful in helping you prep for your own van life or long term travels.

Be safe!

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