The launch of The Online Presence Guy

Updated: May 13, 2021

Launch of The Online Presence Guy. Business mentor. Website designer. Web design. Website Design. Social media manager. Social media management. Digital marketing. Graphic design. Graphic designer. Cambridge. London. United Kingdom.

Hey everyone!

I realise things have been a little slow on the blogging front lately. For this, I apologise.

For the past 6 weeks, I have had my head down launching my second business venture, The Online Presence Guy!

Unfortunately, like millions around the world, COVID and the lockdowns in the UK had a really negative impact on my photography business with the studio having to be closed for 4 of 8 months.

Whilst I had a few photoshoots between the 2 national lockdowns in England, they were simply not enough to make up for the losses incurred.

Therefore I had to come up with a plan B and fast!

I decided to take aspects of my over 3 decades in the IT industry to provide Business Support services to solopreneurs and SMEs around the world. Services, that given our current situation I feel may be considered more valuable by business owners.

During my IT career, I've worn many hats. Starting off in 1st line support, then 2nd and 3rd line, then managing support teams, then moving in technical pre-sales, technical account management, project management and training. I was also building and hosting websites back in 1998 using Microsoft's Internet Information Service (IIS). Long before the likes of WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc were things.

I will be providing the following services through the new business venture.

Business mentoring - Having started my first little business aged 13, helping neighbours with their gardens, washing cars, painting etc, I've always had a bit of an entrepreneurship mindset. When I was around 18/19 I started up an under 18s nightclub venue to give the kids in the area a safe place to meet with their friends and enjoy themselves.

I also performed business analysis work for some 15 years of my IT career, working with some of the biggest retailers, financial institutes and public service names in the UK.

I bring all this experience into helping small business owners plan their business startup activities, including assisting putting together their business plan, marketing plan, identifying their ideal client profile, which social media platforms to focus on initially, choosing a website host and other business support activities.

Website design and build - As mentioned previously, I've designed and built countless websites over the 3 decades. Back in the day when it was done from scratch using HTML code rather than website builders like WordPress, Wix etc.

I work closely with my clients to design a layout that best fits their needs, their brand and their tone. Once the client signs off on the design I begin building the site. I also perform initial site and page SEO and ensure that the website is mobile optimised which is crucial given over 60% of all web traffic is initiated on smartphones these days.

I typically build Wix or Squarespace for my clients, however, if their needs would best suit another platform, I can create WordPress sites however if you opt for WordPress websites please ensure you are technically capable because unless you want to pay a web developer a monthly fee to assist you, you will struggle if you are not very IT literate.

Has someone told you Wix and Squarespace websites aren't very good? I have written a blog post on this topic over on my new website, please do have a read if you are considering a new website, or are currently on WordPress and not enjoying the experience.

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Social media management - I have been using Facebook for some 18 years, Instagram since it's inception 10 years ago, LinkedIn for around 15 years and Pinterest for 4 years.

I now offer this experience and knowledge of using these platforms to provide my clients with social media management services for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I don't do Twitter management, however, if you are looking for someone to manage Twitter for you I have people I'm aligned with who can provide Twitter management. I simply don't get on with Twitter and I'm not going to manage a platform for a client I don't personally use.

I provide a few packages and can also create a bespoke quote based on your exact requirements.

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Let me take care of your socialising whilst you earn the money!

Social media training - If you're just starting out and don't have a budget for a social media manager, then a cheaper alternative would be to get training on the social media platforms you have identified as being where your ideal client resides.

I provide training on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest for business use. These are delivered over 1:1 Zoom sessions and you will be provided with the slide deck after the session, along with a copy of the video of the call assuming you agree to it being recorded, for future reference.

My training sessions start at just £50! I promise that you will spend days researching and getting your head around the right way to use these platforms and therefore incur far higher costs to your business, in addition to the time lost to performing actual paying client work.

Social media image design - perhaps you don't quite need someone to manage your accounts at this stage, but struggle to create images to accompany your copy?

Perhaps you're just not a creative person with regards to design? I offer social media post image design as well as creating banner images for LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, Pinterest banner, website artwork etc.

If you are after some artwork for your online presence, then do get in touch.

Online presence power hour - For just £149 I will perform an audit of your website, and up to 3 social media accounts and write up a report of my findings.

We will then jump on a Zoom video call for an hour in which I will go through this report with you providing suggestions where and how you can improve any issues, what you're doing well and what you can improve on.

This is incredible value for money as you'd pay in excess of this just for someone to have a look at your website! So if you're not getting the results you would like from your website or social media accounts, don't guess as to what you may be doing wrong. Let me investigate and provide you clarity for a small investment in your business which can dramatically change your business for you!

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A full review of your website and up to 3 social media accounts

Business clarity power hour - For a small investment of £49, we will jump on a Zoom call to discuss any issues you may currently be facing with your business. Perhaps you have an idea but just not sure how to implement it. Perhaps you have hit a brick wall and for the life of you, you cannot figure out the way forward. Often times, just getting an outside view and perspective can bring AH-HA moments!

I've been doing this business analyst type work for around 15-years for some of the biggest names in UK business. I've been fortunate enough to already have had a few clients book a session and they have all ended the call feeling far more clear on their short and mid-term goals. If you need longer-term support or accountability there are also startup packages available.