Sponsorships And Help Needed

Sponsorships considered and help needed

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Right off the bat, I'm not expecting anyone to give me money for nothing! I AM NOT THE CHARITY.

I will be investing £20,000 for the first year to keep myself on the road and deliver the services to charities.

If you are considering sponsorship you WILL receive something in return.

Whether you're making a small donation through Buy Me A Coffee or sponsoring a camper van, you will be compensated!

Sponsorships considered

Buy Me A Coffee

Feeling inspired by the project and the content I provide? You can make a small donation (£1, £3 or £5) via one-off payments or set up a recurring payment. 10% of donations received through here will be donated either MacMillan, Cancer Research UK or St. Nicholas Hospice. The remaining donation is used to fund fuel for the van, and literally, buying a coffee! In exchange for your donation, you will get access to behind the scenes footage and images not published elsewhere.

List your attraction/venue/eatery/adventure/service/accomodation on the blog

It is my intention to turn the blog into a travel directory. One which will be easy to use by tourists and travellers alike to plan a trip to a particular country/province/state/city or village.

I will be looking to visit as many tourist attractions and places of interest on my travels. Whilst there is no cost to be listed and have a post dedicated to your business, there are certain requirements.

If you are an eatery, for example, I would need you to sponsor me a meal and a drink so that I can experience your establishment as a guest.

If you provide accommodation I would need to stay with you for one night at least.

If you are a tourist attraction, I would require free entry. Where at all possible it would also be great to get access to areas usual visitors wouldn't get the opportunity to see.

I will take pictures of your establishment including images of staff, food etc which will be used in the blog post. If you so wish we can also conduct a video interview with a staff member to give some insight into your business, how long you've been in business? what makes you unique? Why should tourists come visit you?

If you would like to use any images yourself these can be purchased.

Camping/travel/hiking related gear

Are you a manufacturer or distributor of camping and travel-related gear? Tents, sleeping bags, beds, cooking, boots, hiking accessories and gear.

Photography gear

I'll always be open to sponsorship from camera and lens manufacturers/outlets. I'll be happy to provide reviews and blog posts for donated products and depending on the value of sponsored gear can also provide images of the product 'in the field' with commercial license so that you can use them in advertising material is you like.

Female Redhead Photographer


Whilst I intend to undertake much of the UK and EU countries road-trip in a camper van, I would also ideally like to be in a position to visit other countries if I have a requirement from a charity outside of the countries I'm driving through.


Flights to countries outside of the UK and EU

Marketing material

I'm looking to purchase some clothing with #roadtrip4charity printed on it. This would include shirts, a winter jacket, business cards, flyers.

I was going to pay for and purchase these myself but realised there is an opportunity for a printer to get involved should they so feel in exchange for publicity.

Camper van/Motorhome!

Yes, this is a big one, I know!

As with the product sponsorships, I do not expect a motorhome manufacturer to just simply give me a van out of kindness!

Should a motorhome manufacturer wish to donate a van we would agree details of such sponsorship. You would obviously have your logo and link placed in the header of the site. Your logo and link will also be placed in each new blog post. I will also endeavour to post X number of images of the van on a weekly/monthly basis across my social network platforms tagging your business.

And finally, we will agree on a number of images and locations in which I will take images of the van and these will be provided to you with commercial rights. You can then use these images in your own marketing campaigns. There will also be an agreed number of 'exclusive' images which I will not post to social media until you have released them in a campaign/to social media. You will essentially be paid for the van through commercial license images alone.

Very colourful camper van

Help needed

As I am undertaking this project on my own initially (until my house sale completes I literally have zero disposable income) I will always be open to offers of help from anyone who sees value in this project.

Types of people I'd love to hear from and see how we can possibly work together to make this project a success both in terms of the charity work and also the travel directory and blog.

  • Copywriters - I'm okay at spewing words out, but not great at marketing and using words specifically for marketing and SEO purposes. So I know I could definitely use help in this area! This would be for copy for the website itself and for blog posts.

  • Web-developers - I will be looking to do a complete redesign of the website to bring it in line with the project and turn it more into a travel directory and more focus on the blog.

  • Logo creators - I'd be looking for a new logo specific to the project.

  • Social media experts - to help promote and grow the audience for the project through various social media platforms. I'm currently on FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

  • Business coach - I'm very new to running my own business (launched my photography business full-time in June 2019) so can definitely benefit from the services of a business coach.

  • Virtual Assistant - as the projects take off and I find myself on the road, undertaking paid or charity photoshoots I am going to need assistance with the admin side of things. Including responding to inbound emails, scheduling calls and meetings. Keeping diary updated.

  • Accountant - I will need someone to help manage the books. Including making payments to relevant charities, filing tax returns etc.

If you would like to support this project, please get in touch, I'd love to have a chat with you!

Please sign up to my mailing list for updates, travel plans and more!

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