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Online/remote newborn photography direction

Updated: Jun 5

I realise that a lot of people will be unable to have photoshoots during lockdown measures who would otherwise have loved to have had a photoshoot to celebrate a life event like a new family member!

Newborn photography direction

Sleeping beauty

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Were you planning on engaging with a newborn photographer for a photoshoot but now unable due to lockdown? Want to capture truly amazing images of your little one whether that's with a DSLR or your smartphone? Then I can assist you over a live Zoom (or other video calling app) and provide direction. This direction would include:

  • Posing baby - whether you want to swaddle baby, or opt for a more natural looking pose, then I can assist you in achieving the desired result.

  • Lighting - lighting for newborn photography is absolutely crucial. I will guide you through where to place the lighting, what sort of lighting is best etc.

  • Photography positions - there are certain Do's and Don'ts when it comes to newborn photography with regards to the angles you shoot from etc. Via the live call I will be able to direct you to ensure complementary and creative images are taken.

Get in touch to secure your 2-hour slot for just £99!!

Free prep guide

My first teddy

Once you have paid for your slot, you will receive a free prep guide which will include items that you may wish to incorporate in your photoshoot. These include props, wraps, material to soften (diffuse) the light etc. In addition, I will provide links to these items on eBay or Amazon for easy acquisition (of course you can purchase elsewhere!)

When is the best time to do a newborn photoshoot?

The ideal opportunity to shoot newborns is in the first 2 weeks.

During this period baby still sleeps a LOT and limbs are still very nimble and flexible, making it easy to swaddle them and place them into poses.

Once we get into week 3, babies limbs will start to straighten out more and they will be far more alert and getting them to settle will be a far more difficult task.

Do you offer an image editing service?

Peaceful baby girl

Yes. If you would like me to edit the images for you after you have taken them, I can certainly do this!

You will need to shoot in RAW mode to ensure best quality and editing possibilities. If you plan to use your smartphone, check whether you can change to shoot in RAW mode. If it's not available natively, then I recommend these Apps for iPhone / Android phones (DSLR cameras all have the option to shoot in RAW mode)

  • Adobe Lightroom CC (iOS/Android) - Free with optional subscription - besides being a handy editing app, it also allows you to shoot in RAW mode via the built in camera

  • VCSO (iOS/Android) - Free with in-app purchases

  • Snapseed (iOS/Android) - Free

  • ProShot (Android) - £3.49

  • Halide (iOS) - £5.99

  • Manual - Raw Camera (iOS) - £3.99

Book your 2-hour slot for just £99!!

I look forward to working with you remotely to capture images of your little addition that will provide a lifetime worth of memories!

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