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Online Photoshoots - Virtual Photoshoots

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Virtual photoshoots. What are virtual photoshoots? Grumpy Git's Road Trip. Photographer. Photography. Outdoor photography. Outdoor photoshoot. Commercial photographer. Travel blog. Travel diaries. Travel ideas. Cambridge. Haverhill. London. United Kingdom.

What is an online portrait photoshoot?

As the name suggests, an online portrait photoshoot is one in which the model (you) and the photographer (me) are not face to face in person.

Instead, the entire photoshoot is performed with the help of technology.

This means that you can work with photographers all around the world (those who provide online photoshoots of course) shooting wherever you like.

How does an online portrait photoshoot work?

You install an app on your smartphone and supply your photographer with your unique ID once it is installed. The photographer then connects to the app and takes control of your camera. The photographer is able to make camera adjustments and take the images remotely! No more selfie images are ever needed ever again! (I can hope can't I?)

I provide verbal direction remotely which you hear through your smartphones speaker (or headset if you prefer, the headset would need to be removed when the image is taken)

Book a free 20-minute discovery call. During this call, we will discuss your personal brand photography requirements. At this point, if I do not feel confident that I can deliver the imagery you are looking for, I will not commit to moving further with you. This also gives us the opportunity to understand each other's personalities. You may decide that I'm not for you and prefer to look elsewhere.

  1. Book your online personal brand photoshoot online. Assuming we have both agreed to move forward following the discovery call, you can book your photoshoot directly on my photography website for a date and time that is convenient for you.

  2. Included in your booking is a 30-minute pre-shoot planning Zoom call. During this call, we will discuss your mood board (see point 4 below) and agree on any specific images we will look to capture during your personal brand photoshoot. We will also discuss brand colours, what to include in the photoshoot, what to avoid etc.

  3. Your prep work prior to the photoshoot. See this blog post about preparing for your personal brand photoshoot. The mood board is especially important and I may reschedule a photoshoot if you have not provided a mood board. The reason for this is simply if you don't know what you like, then it's virtually impossible for me to know 😊 My priority is always to create raving fans of my clients, and to this end, I want to ensure as much as possible that I deliver images that attract YOUR eye and not necessarily my style.

  4. The photoshoot. During the photoshoot, I will essentially be taking control of your smartphone's camera! I will therefore obviously be able to see what your 'camera' sees on my end, but as mentioned above, you will not see me. I will direct you where to place the camera/phone. What props to include. How to pose. Finding the best-lit areas etc.

  5. I supply samples of the images taken during the photoshoot from which you then choose the ones that you would like. Included in your photoshoot fee are 15 images. Additional images can be purchased at just £10 each!

  6. I develop the images you have chosen and make them available to you to download.

  7. You leave me a glowing review because you're so pleased with the results.

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What are the requirements for an online portrait photoshoot?

The requirements are pretty simple, and for most business will be equipment they already have.

Mandatory items:

A mood board (see this blog post for preparation tips). A collection of images that you've seen and liked. This will give your photographer an idea of the style and look of images that you like which will guide them in selecting the right 'sets' in your home/office to use to create images similar in style to those you have added to your mood board.

  • A fairly recent iPhone or Samsung smartphone (the newer the phone, the better the resulting images will be)

  • Ability to install an app from the Appstore

  • A tripod with a phone cradle (click here for a recommended tripod, holder and Bluetooth shutter control for under £20!) OR a phone cradle that is pretty versatile to be placed around your home/office OR another individual who can hold the phone as directed by me.

  • Well-lit areas of your home/office to shoot in OR a photography/videography light for illumination.

  • A Wifi, 4G or 5G connection.

Optional items:

  • Props to discreetly include within the photoshoot sets.

  • Photography/videography lights if your home/office space isn't naturally well-lit or the photoshoot is taking place in the evening.

  • Additional outfits.

What kind of images can be taken during an online portrait photoshoot?

The only limitation as to what images can be taken during an online photoshoot is the lighting equipment you have.

The photoshoots can take place indoors, in your home or office, or outdoors in your garden, a local park or even on the streets of your town/city!

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Who is an online portrait photoshoot suitable for?

Portrait photoshoots are available for a vast number of situations, examples include:

  • Models and Actors - if you're looking to put together a portfolio or refresh/update an existing portfolio.

  • Individuals - perhaps you're sick of posting selfies to social media day after day and are looking for more interesting images to share?

  • Couples

  • Family photoshoots

  • Kids

Sounds AWESOME! How do I book my photoshoot!?

If you'd like to book an online portrait photoshoot in the comfort of your own home/garden or local park without the risk of having a stranger in your space, then you can book your photoshoot online for a date and time to suit you! Please bear in mind, you need to have a mood board, so if you haven't already created one, then ensure your allow yourself enough time when booking your photoshoot to create your mood board prior to your shoot.

I look forward to making you feel great about yourself and getting your business found online!


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