Virtual personal brand photoshoot with Joanne

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Joanne reached out to me on LinkedIn after seeing a post I made about my virtual photoshoots.

She is a small business owner who at the time of writing this blog, is going through a brand refresh.

She jumped at the opportunity to proceed with the virtual photoshoot being a very convenient option for her given the UK is in lockdown currently (19/11/2020) therefore studio photoshoots are not an option.

Perhaps the best thing about a virtual photoshoot is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or office meaning you're not wasting time with travelling to or from a photography studio, and as any small business owner will admit, saving any time is of great value when you don't have enough hours in the day!

After Joanne reached out to me on LinkedIn we scheduled the pre-shoot call

A smiling Joanne

The pre-shoot call

During the pre-shoot call, I listened to Joanne explain the transition her business was going through and the type of images she was hoping to get from the photoshoot.

I also requested that she give me a quick tour of the areas within her home we were going to use so that I could get an idea of the amount of natural light available, furniture available etc.

During the call, Joanne was also able to ask any questions she had about preparing for the photoshoot. I answered any questions she had and also provided her with the link for this blog post which goes into detail about preparing for a personal brand photoshoot.

Sitting outdoors

The photoshoot

During the photoshoot, I directed Joanne where to place her tripod (with the phone attached) in relation to where she was going to be position, and then directed her into a complimentary pose.

The trickiest part here is for me Great image figuring out which is left and right when I'm looking through the lens of my client's camera. But I think I sussed it pretty quickly and didn't have too many "other left" moments.

During the 2 hour photoshoot, we managed to shoot in Joanne's living room, her kitchen, at the dining room table and outside sitting on the garden furniture. Joanne also made 2 outfit changes (3 outfits in total).

During the outfit changes, we would disconnect from the session and reconnect when I got a notification that Joanne was ready to rumble again.

Laughter is good for the soul

After the shoot

The shoot, in my opinion, went really well, at no point did it feel awkward or odd. Joanne (who I hadn't spoken with previously to our pre-shoot call) and I had good banter and the entire photoshoot seemed to fly by.

After the photoshoot, I went through the images taken during our session. Removing those that just weren't up to scratch or where there were almost identical images. I then uploaded proofs of the remaining images to Dropbox (Joanne had a Dropbox account) so that Joanne could then go through them and make her choices of the images she wanted to be edited.

I then edited the images chosen and uploaded these to Dropbox again for Joanne to download.

Each image chosen, after editing is exported in both colour and black and white versions maintaining the original aspect ratio of the images as taken.

Active listening is a skill

What Joanne says

Joanne was kind enough to leave me a review on LinkedIn following her experience of my online photoshoot and had this to say.

"I have never met Elton in person, but have followed his work on LinkedIn.
I really needed to get some personal branding images taken to launch my new website. The lockdowns were making it increasingly difficult to arrange an in-person photoshoot locally and I was becoming frustrated with not being able to move my business forwards.
I noticed Elton's virtual photoshoot / headshot product and arranged one for the same week.
It couldn't have gone better! Elton was relaxed and professional throughout. Using an app which allowed him to talk to me, direct me and give feedback, as well as manage my camera on my phone.
The images are sent straight to Elton who then adds some magic and sparkle to finish the images to an excellent standard and quality. I received ten images that I'm really happy with and will use straight away.
There is as much effort from Elton as 'in person' shoot so you can have outfit changes, backdrop changes, props etc. I would highly recommend this service - wherever you are in the World! Great price, great process, great end result.
Thank you."

With such an awesome review from Joanne, I'm confident that I can continue to bring value and great images to anyone out there who has a photography need but unable or unwilling to attend a photography studio.

Sofa Sitting

Equipment used during this photoshoot

  • Natural light - available light was used for the vast majority of the images taken.

  • Ring light - Joanne had a ring light and holder available also which was used in some of the images when required.

  • iPhone 10X

  • A hubby - Joanne's other half assisted when we did the outdoors images. A partner or someone else in your home/office can be useful as it simply means less faffing about with a tripod but is by no means a requirement.

Want to try an online photoshoot for yourself?

If you'd like to know more about an online photoshoot please feel free to give me a call or use the contact form below and I'll get in touch with you.

If you'd like to go ahead and book an online photoshoot, you can do so directly here.

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