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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

As I am very limited in my ability to provide photography services during these times, I am putting my 28 years of IT experience to use and offering alternative services that I can perform remotely.

Website design, build or refresh

Has your business historically been face to face, in person orientated? Are you needing to transfer your skills online due to our current epidemic and financial crises?

Perhaps you already have a website but it's outdated or you're not ranking very well in search results?

If so, I can help you to create an eye-catching, attention-grabbing website that will convert!

New websites

Despite what many other, full-time web developers may advise you, I personally recommend that anyone moving online with very little technical knowledge opts for an easy to use and maintain website providers like Wix or SquareSpace.

Some web developers may say that these providers are not great for SEO.

Many website builders will try convince you to host on their platform. Why? Simple. It keeps you tied to them. Each time you want a change, you have to engage with them, and possibly pay them for a basic change. This can, depending on the person/company, take anything from a few days to a few weeks to be actioned.

I urge you to do some research for yourself on this matter as this simply is not the case anymore. It may have been true 2 - 3 years ago but both have done a lot of work on SEO and now sites hosted on either platform do very well in rankings (assuming you have optimised your pages and site as is the case for websites running on any platform, for example, Wordpress)

My website (the one you're on now) is a Wix hosted website and ranks rather well in what is a very competitive industry (photography).

As evidence, I live in Haverhill, Suffolk. If you were to do the following searches on Google you will note the following rankings for my website (as on 18/04/20):

headshot photographer haverhill (1st)

business photographer haverhill (1st)

staff photographer haverhill (1st)

commercial photographer haverhill (1st)

boudoir photographer haverhill (1st)

baby photographer haverhill (1st)

personal brand photographer haverhill (1st)

brand photographer haverhill (1st)

product photographer haverhill (1st)

food photographer haverhill (1st)

I think you get the idea? In case you don't, get in touch, I've loads more examples.

So I hope that has dispelled any rumours you may have heard about Squarespace or Wix websites not being great for SEO!

Why do I recommend these hosting sites? Simple, they are well-established businesses that have been around for many years. Each has millions of users and are a far safer bet to be around in 10 years' time than smaller providers.

Both offer various levels of pricing based on your requirements. You can opt for a simple website to generate leads, or for a full eCommerce/Online store website with payment integration, stock management etc.

If you are looking to create your first website, or you're looking to move your website to another platform that you will have full control of, then get in touch to discuss which option would best be suited to your needs.

Why choose me?

I've created many websites during the past 20 years. For myself, and for friends and family. I have a very good understanding of web design and as a creative person (sketching and photography) I can assist you with ensuring your brand is truly represented through your website.

I have spent 30 years working in, or closely with sales and marketing teams, I can also provide copywriting and proofreading services to ensure we get your value across to your audience.

You're not just getting a web developer, you're getting a business partner for the duration of the project!


I charge £50 per hour for web development and SEO related work.

Or get a 6-page website, including SEO and mobile optimisation and proofreading services for just £499!

So if you're ready to take your business online, or want to get noticed more in search rankings...

Get in touch NOW!

and get a jump start on your competition moving into the online world of doing business!

I've created an interim website specifically for my website and SEO services, check it out here if you'd like more information.


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