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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

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I'm not sure this is a common offering from a photographer, however, I have decided to provide a money-back guarantee on many of my photographic offerings. Shoot types covered by this guarantee are: 1. Headshot shoots at my home studio

2. Portrait shoots at my home studio

3. Food/product shoots at my home studio

4. Pet shoots at my home studio

In addition, I will provide a 50% refund policy on the following shoot types:

1. Outdoor/location headshot shoots

2. Outdoor/locations portrait shoots

3. Newborn shoots

4. Food/product shoots on location

5. Weddings

6. Brand/corporate photography commissions.

What is the guarantee?

Should you book any of the above photography services from me, and you decide to not purchase any images following the shoot, I will provide you with the stated refund amount.

Why would I do this?

It's rather simple, I hate feeling ripped off. I'm sure everyone does. So I feel that this is a fair way for me to back myself to get the images you want, and for you to have the peace of mind that if I cannot get the images you seek, then you will receive the stated refund.

Putting YOUR money where MY mouth is!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to secure your booking now!

Please sign up to my mailing list for updates, travel plans and more!

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