Happy New Year 2020!!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I hope that 2020 is filled with happiness, love and laughter and is just the beginning of an awesome decade for you and yours.

No New Years resolutions!

Rather, I have goals that I will strive to achieve during 2020.

1. Get my photography business earning sufficient monthly income to cover the bills!

Now 6 months into the launch of my business and whilst I'm happy with the progress, I've only had 1 month that registered a profit.

2020 will, therefore, be about increasing brand awareness for both my photography services and my #roadtrip4charity project.

Please do consider subscribing to my newsletter if you would like to book a photoshoot with me when I'm in your area. A reminder, my specialities are commercial photography (including product, food and beverage photography), event photography, portrait photography, newborn photography and wedding photography.

A reminder also that I provide a money-back guarantee on my photoshoots, check out this blog post for more details!

I offer this guarantee not because I have any doubts that I cannot deliver terrific images but to reassure YOU that if I accept your commission/request for a photo shoot, that I am CONFIDENT in delivering to your brief/requirements. I'm not going to waste my or more importantly, your time just to give you your money back!

Sunrise at Horsey Gap

2. Begin my road trip of the UK and Europe

It is my hope that I can get the road trip of the UK & Europe kicked off with earnest in 2020! The first hurdle is selling my current house, which has unfortunately not been very successful after 7 months of having it on the market! Despite having lowered my asking price by some £40k from the original estimates given by local estate agents!

Once I've sold my current house, I can then purchase a new home in Wales, the camper van and get myself on the road to start the road trip.

In the interim, I HAVE started the project and will be focussing on the East Anglian and London areas.

So if you're a business in the tourism or travel industry and would like to get involved, please have a read of this blog post and get in touch if you're interested.

If you're a charity in the East Anglian or London areas, please have a read about my project to deliver FREE photography services and images to local charities across the UK (once I get on the road!)

If you are a business looking for commercial photography, please get in touch to discuss your brief, I assure you, you're not going to find a more committed photographer to work with.

If you're an individual looking for a portrait photoshoot of yourself, you and your partner, your family or newborn, then get in touch to book your shoot.

If you're getting married in 2020, or 2021, get in touch to discuss and secure your date now!

Remember, 10% of all paid photoshoots (non-charity work) will be donated to charity once I start the road trip.

A very colourful camper van

3. Travel for 1 year

It is my intention to fund myself for a 1-year road trip of the UK & Europe.

For a looooong time, it has been my intention to take a 'gap year' and travel. I never did it after school and travel is something that was embedded in me from a young age living in South Africa.

I would also like to help charities and have already begun work on two photography projects, one around Mental Health Awareness, the other on Homelessness.

The idea then came to me that I combine the two goals. That I helped charities whilst I undertook my road trip. It exposes me to more charities across the UK rather than being limited to local ones. Hence, the #roadtrip4charity project was born.

Since announcing the project I have had a few enquiries about sponsorship so I began thinking about the possibility of extending the project for longer than 1 year, however, this will depend on the interest from businesses, charities and indeed the public in the project and working with me.

Whilst I'm absolutely prepared to self-fund myself for the initial year, without the support from the general public it will be limited to a year. It would be fantastic if I could extend this period with your support!

Grey seal at Horsey

4. Work with 20 local charities

My aim, during the initial year of self-funding, is to work with at least 20 local charities!

I already have a couple of charities booked in January which is a good start and if I can maintain this over the year, my target will be achieved.

Obviously, I'd love to work with far more than this, but this will really be determined by local charity interest in the projects' offering.

If you work for a charity or know someone who does, who could benefit from FREE photography services and images for fundraising, campaigns, social media etc, please have them get in touch! Find out more here.

Sea Life Great Yarmouth

5. Visit 50 tourist attractions / eateries / accommodation for the blog

The aim for 2020 is to visit 50 venues for my blog. It is my intention to create a travel blog and planner that will be of value either to those living in the UK looking for a local or national break, or indeed tourists looking to visit the UK or Europe.

If you have a business or provide a service to the tourism or travel industry, I'd love to come and visit you for inclusion in the blog and travel planner.

Please see this blog post for more information on the sorts of businesses I'm hoping to visit, the value in it for you etc.

Get in touch and let's smash this target of 50!

Grey seal pup at Horsey

6. Sell 40 stock images!

As I travel around the UK and then Europe, I will obviously be taking a LOT of images along the way. Many of these will be available on my stock image site for you to purchase for either personal or commercial use!

If there are a specific set of stock images you're looking for, please get in touch as I have thousands of images to upload still, not including those which will be taken during the course of the project!

Besides helping a small business owner, for the vast majority of images I have for sale, between 20% - 50% of sales proceeds are donated to the relevant charity. Check the item descriptions of any images you may be interested in to know which charity will benefit.

7. Sell 10 limited edition prints!

Some images taken during the course of the project will be made available as limited edition prints. They will not be available for purchase on stock sites etc and will only be available through this website/blog.

Once again, a minimum of 10% of all limited edition print sales will be donated to charity. In some instances, for example, if an image was taken at an animal conservation, then the donation will be up to 40%.

Each limited edition image will have a separate blog post from which the print can be purchased.

If you would have any interest in possibly purchasing a print, please do sign up to my mailing list to be notified (max, one email a week!) of new blog posts, limited edition prints, my travel plans etc.

Final thoughts

There you have it, my goals for 2020!

I will work with determination to smash all these goals and with YOUR support, I hope I can also provide a blog of value to you, whether you're interested in travel, photography or indeed charity work.

I hope to have you along for the journey and perhaps even get the opportunity of working together in 2020!

Please sign up to my mailing list for updates, travel plans and more!

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