Grumpy Gits Roadtrip - an update Feb 2021

This blog post is specifically aimed at those who have been following my story for a little while now. If you are not aware of my plans, check out this blog post from 2019! (The UK & Europe road trip).

Following the collapse of the first sale of my house in October 2020 I took the house off the market for a little while to reevaluate things. I'll admit, for a little while there I was ready to throw the towel in on the whole dream of this road trip.

However, I managed to pull myself towards myself and found the motivation to continue. Much of this has been down to the traction and success I have had with the other business venture (The Online Presence Guy) I had to launch end of October due to the effects COVID has had on my commercial photography business.

I put the house back on the market in November and am happy to say that I have recently accepted an offer (for the 2nd time) on it.

The buyers are first time buyers and therefore it should be a simple sale. But as I found out last year, nothing is simple and straightforward when it comes to buying or selling property in England. Something the government really needs to address once the pandemic has been dealt with.

Plans for this website

Whilst I am not getting carried away or excited about the house sale until the day I get the money in the bank, I am starting to plan how the future looks for my audiences.

As I now essentially have two business entities, it's going to be rather tricky to have separate accounts for them across social media. So on some social media platforms, I will be combining the two businesses into a single account.

New YouTube Channel

I have just launched my YouTube channel which is an example of one such combined account.

On The Online Presence Guy channel I will be posting content on the following topics:

  • Small business and freelance content.

  • Photography content.

  • Travel/Digital nomad content.

  • Utter bollocks content.

Once I'm on the road, I'm simply not going to have the time, or the will quite frankly, to run and have to create content for several different accounts.

Please do subscribe to the channel and come along for the ride!

My very first YouTube video! I know I know. It's absolutely terrible! There's a reason I've been behind the camera for the past 40 years! I hate selfies, and recording videos are essentially moving selfies at the end of the day. But I know that I have to start getting comfortable with the idea of my mug scary the young and old alike.

Sometimes you just have to do what makes you uncomfortable.

Future of this website and blog

Over the next few months, once I've got a little more confidence that the house sale will go through, I will start work on redesigning the website.

As I will be travelling around the UK and Europe I am not going to have a fixed location, therefore, some of my photography services will no longer be relevant (for example newborn and wedding photography) unless the client can fit their dates around my itinerary which is highly unlikely.

The website is going to become the website for The Grumpy Git's Roadtrip and will focus more on the blog. It is my intention to blog fairly often, daily if possible but I do not want to set myself goals that could interfere with the experience (the road trip).

I will of course send out a newsletter letting you know of the new website launch.


My current newsletter for EmC Photography will continue but will be aligned to the road trip and news, offers, ways to get involved etc type content. If you are already subscribed, I hope you will continue to follow my journey. I promise you I'll be sending more regular newsletters once I actually have some interesting news to share with you.

If you are after business-related content and advice, you can also subscribe to my EmC Consulting newsletter. I also publish blogs on that website which are geared towards information that small business owners and freelancers will hopefully find of value. As with my photography newsletter, I don't plan to send out more than one email per week.

The journey is just beginning

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