Getting off Auto Workshops

Learn how to capture images that STAND OUT from the 3 billion images uploaded daily in just 4 hours!

Are you a business owner, blogger or anyone in need of regular, good quality images and unable to afford a professional photographer in your marketing budget?

Perhaps you enjoy travelling and want to take more creative photographs of the places you visit?

Or a hobbyist photographer currently still shooting on automatic mode on your camera.

To get truly creative with photography, you need to have a good understanding of the exposure triangle as a start.

The 'Getting off Auto' workshops are aimed at giving YOU the knowledge of the 3 elements that make up the exposure triangle and how they impact each other.

Remember, light (or lack thereof) is EVERYTHING there is to photography!

Understanding the exposure triangle allows you to control light! And that is truly where creativity can be unleashed.

The 3 elements of the exposure triangle are:


Learn how to use aperture to control depth of field (the amount of the image that is in focus) for creative imagery

Yellow flower at East Town Park


Learn how to use shutter speed for capturing movement or freezing an action shot


Learn the pros and cons of using ISO to control sensor sensitivity.

About the workshop

The workshops will be held around the UK, with an initial focus in the East Anglia and London areas. I will be looking to hold the Getting Off Auto workshops at either local studios or halls for rent in the area.

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to be notified about dates and locations of upcoming workshops near you!

The workshop will last 4 hours and will consist of both theory and practical exercises.

There will be a MAXIMUM of 10 people for each Getting Off Auto workshop so make sure you get your spot confirmed asap once I release dates near you!

Courses will be run Mon - Fri (selected weekend dates may be added however please note the course fee will differ for these)

Your benefits

You will leave the workshop with a good understanding of the exposure triangle (Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO) allowing you to take manual control of your camera.

Being able to control the amount of light entering your camera will open up a whole new world of creative possibilities for you.

Whether it's taking the familiar e-Commerce type product against a white background image, taking headshots of your colleagues or friends or capturing stunning sunsets.

Potentially start earning money from your own photography by uploading your new, creative images to stock sites.

Or simply just save yourself/your business money on purchasing stock images or engaging with a professional photographer.

You'll also get a membership to my exclusive Facebook group available to those who have undertaken this workshop. You can ask questions there which I or someone else in the group will do our best to respond to as soon as we can. You can post images there for CONSTRUCTIVE and honest feedback to continue improving your photography.

A handy take away PDF covering the exposure triangle and the items covered in the course for quick reference.

20% off the price of any of my other courses! The Getting off Auto workshop is a mandatory workshop (or level of knowledge) to have undertaken before you can book onto any of my other workshops.


(£199 for weekend workshops)

Upcoming workshops

(dates to be confirmed)


Cambridge Newmarket

Bury St Edmunds




Get signed up!

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