Exporting DNG (RAW) file from Lightroom CC mobile

A quick guide on how to export the RAW/DNG file from Adobe Lightroom CC on mobile and share them on DropBox.

Step 1 - Create a folder on Dropbox

Create a folder on Dropbox that you will upload the DNG files into from Lightroom.

Step 2 - Navigate to All Photos

Within Lightroom, click All Photos

Step 3 - Select image to export

From your All Photos album, click/select the image you would like to export

Step 4 - Select Export

Once you have opened the image you would like to export, click the 'Export' button top of the screen as circled below.

Step 5 - Export as

At the bottom of the menu, select 'Export as....'

Step 6 - Select 'Original'

Select the drop-down under 'File Type' and select 'Original' or 'DNG' from the menu.

Step 7 - Confirm

Select/click the tick top right of the screen

Step 8 - Save to Dropbox

Select Save to Dropbox from the menu and then navigate to and select the Dropbox folder you created in step 1 and click Save



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