Do you run a tourist attraction?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Do you run a tourist attraction?

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Do you own or run a tourist attraction in the UK or Europe?

I am looking to use this blog as a travel diary once I undertake my road trip of the UK and Europe with the intention of turning it into a useful resource for both local folks looking to plan a day out or travellers and tourists from abroad visiting a country or region.

Looking for the quirky

Whilst I'm obviously happy to visit larger, more mainstream attractions, I'd love to hear from smaller attractions that aren't necessarily available in travel magazines, books and other travel blogs!

Be a little bit quirky myself, I'm fascinated with oddities so if you run a private museum of stuffed rats, get in touch! Or a collection of horseshoes through the ages, get in touch!

What's in it for me?

Is the question we all have in the back of our minds right? So what is in it for you?

It is my intention to get as much traction for this project and therefore, blog, as possible, however, I'm only going to generate that interest if I can provide content of value to my audience.

One way of creating interest is by providing a travel blog that can also function as an itinerary planner for people looking to plan a road trip, or simply provide a local directory of activities to the person, I need the participation and by in by businesses and attractions especially.

By inviting me to visit your attraction, I will, in turn, add your establishment the blog and included in any future functionality I create for the site user. The blog post will include images I take, along with any descriptive information you would like to provide, plus my experience of the attraction and staff and any website and social media links you'd like to add.

I will undertake the photography free of charge and if you would like to do so, will invite you to do a short video introducing your attraction and give some background and your elevator pitch as to why tourists should come to visit.

Having your free blog/listing on the website will give you further exposure online and also help with your own websites SEO through the backlink from my domain.

The Nutshell pub

What do you need in return?

I will require free entry to your attraction and activities (where applicable).

To really be able to create interest in the project and blog, it would be AWESOME if you would be able to grant me access to areas that wouldn't usually be accessible by the public!

You will need to sign a standard property release providing your permission for me to take images in/at your attraction.

What's in it for you?

For many years now the idea of doing a road trip of the Uk & Europe has been in my head and I've recently started putting in motion actions that will make this possible.

I have also for the past year or so been doing a personal project into Mental Health. More recently I also started a photography project around homelessness.

Since deciding to go self-employment I also made a commitment that I would donate 2 days a month to provide my services free of charge to local charities.

Then it occurred to me, 'Why not combine them?', and hence the #roadtrip4charity project was born.

What is in it for me? I get to perform all 3 my goals in one project. I get to travel the UK whilst supporting charities both through free photoshoots and sales of images from my personal projects into homelessness and Mental Health.

The main thing in it for me is the ability and freedom to be able to help others. Getting to visit some great places along the way is a bonus.

Hard rock cafe Amsterdam

What attractions are you interested in?

I'm interested in anything and EVERYTHING! From the large, internationally known attractions down to the side alley small private collections.

Examples include but not limited to:

  • Museums - art, history, culture, etc

  • Animal sanctuaries

  • Animal experiences

  • Theme parks

  • Adventure packages

  • Boat trips

  • Historic buildings

  • Estate houses and/or gardens

  • Chapels, Churches and Cathedrals

  • Walking tours

  • City tours

  • Botanic gardens

  • Unique cinema experiences

  • Stadium tours

  • Zoos

  • Sealife centres

  • Animal conservation centres

  • etc

Basically, if your business targets tourists, I would love to hear from you!

Black house, Scotland


Will you provide me with images taken at my attraction?

In general, no. If you would like to use any of the images taken at your attraction you will be able to purchase them for a reduced rate of the required license (personal use or commercial use). The EXCEPTION to this is if you are a charity, trust or sanctuary.

Can I purchase the images you take at my attraction? Yes. If you would like to purchase any images taken during my visit, you are welcome to do so. Please discuss this with me when we arrange my visit.

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