Can you sponsor a camper van?

Sponsor a camper van

Are you a camper van manufacturer or reseller?

Are you looking for a pool of professional quality images of your van (and brand) in lifestyle settings for your marketing campaigns at the fraction of commercial photography prices?

How would you like to save up to £142,650 on typical photography pricing?

(based on a van value of £15,000)

You donate a camper van, and I provide:

  • 30 Professional images PER every £1000 of camper van value (that's just £33 per image!)

  • FULL commercial licence for every image selected! (1 commercial licenced image will cost you typically £200 - £350 each! A massive saving of £170 - £317 per image! or £5,100 - £9,510 for every 30 images!

  • Images fully edited

  • Prominent sponsorship logo placement on blog

  • Regular exposure through my social media channels and blog (Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube)

Throw in a minimum of 10 different countries as your backdrop and you're onto a no brainer of a deal!

If interested, contact me NOW!

Would you like to donate a campervan as a sponsorship for the road trip?

I am not looking for or expecting a brand new campervan to be sponsored, let's get that out the way first.

However of course, if you can see the value in the below benefits for the sponsorship and you want to donate a new van, then, by all means, let's have a chat!

What I am looking for is a van that will be adequate to undertake a road trip of the UK and Europe! It will have an onboard shower, toilet, heating and cooking facilities with sufficient onboard power to be self-sufficient for at least 2 weeks off-grid.

This isn't a first come first served offer. I will be looking to partner with a company who shares similar interests and ethics to me.

Once I have agreed on a van sponsorship I will NOT be looking to change brand providing the van proves to be a reliable one.

This is, therefore, a ONE-OFF sponsorship deal with a single manufacturer or reseller for the entirety of the UK and Europe leg of the road trip.

What am I offering in return for your sponsorship?

30 images per £1000 value of the camper van.

Assuming a price tag for £15,000 for the camper van, you would receive 450 images of YOUR choice over the course of the road trip. These will be fully edited when provided and provided with a commercial use licence.

Exact details, such as the number of images per month/location can be discussed during negotiations.

Minimum of 10 different countries!

Consider how much you would be spending on a commercial photographer for one day of photographing your van in a single setting?

Donate a campervan and have it photographed in at LEAST 10 different countries!

My road trip plan is as follows Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Belgium.

What sort of images can I expect?

I will be constantly taking pictures and documenting my experience of not only the road trip, locations visited, but also my experience with the campervan itself.

I will endeavour wherever possible, to get images of the van in front of tourist attractions. Where it's not possible to get a picture of the van directly in front of the attraction/site, I will compose an image so that the attraction can be seen in the background, for example from a nearby high point etc.

As this road trip will be heavily influenced by visiting places of beauty from a photography point of view, you can also expect to see a lot of images of the van on the coastline at sunset or sunrise. Mountain backdrops. Cityscape backdrops etc. Images that you would spend thousands of pounds paying a photographer to do!

Pay a little extra for models to be included

If you would like to take it a step further and have lifestyle type images of the van being used then I can arrange for local models to be commissioned for an additional fee (to cover the model's fees)

Addon specific image briefs

If you or your marketing team have specific image requests, then for a heavily discounted fee these can be agreed to upon during negotiations. Prices will depend on the specific brief, for example, do I need special permission to photograph in the location, do you want models included etc.

These fees will be minimal compared to the usual commercial photography rates.

You choose your images

I will create a specific and private online gallery into which I will upload all images taken of the campervan on at least a weekly (will aim for daily) basis

You then select which images you would like as part of the agreed number of images. I will then edit these and provide the high-resolution images to you/your marketing team.

How many and how often you request images is entirely within your hands. You can decide to select your 450 (using above example) images within the first month of the road trip, or you can space your selections out over the course of the road trip to get images of the vans in various countries.

Commercial licence provided!

For all images you select as part of the agreed number, you will receive a full commercial agreement to.

This entitles you to use the images in online and print advertising, on merchandising etc.

Publicity through my online channels

As part of the road trip, I will be using this blog, and a YouTube channel to make regular travel-related posts. I am thinking of creating a separate website and blog for the road trip to separate it from my photography business, I'm still deciding on that.

Whenever I post an image of the camper van to my social media channels, I will credit your company as the sponsor of the van providing any supplied links you would like me to include in such posts.

You will also get a prominent and featured space placement of your logo on the website/blog.

You receive first-hand experience and reviews of the campervan

As stated, I plan to blog/vlog on a regular basis during the road trip as I would be looking for ways to monetise the trip to be in a position to stay on the road longer and possibly venture further afield.

Throughout these blog posts, there will be mention of my experience of the van and your company.

It's all good and well a company shouting their USPs from the rooftops, it's quite another matter when people are reading real-life experience of using the van on an extended road trip.

Great opportunity and value to you!

If you have paid commercial photographers in the past you will have a good understanding of how much it costs. You're looking at anything from £2000+ PER day! And you get a few images for your money.

I am offering you 30 images for every £1000 you invest! With a commercial licence! That in itself is a no brainer!

These images will be professionally taken, using artificial lighting where required and composed and edited to a professional standard also!

Multiple settings! How much would you pay a commercial photographer to take images of your van in at least 10 different countries (worst case scenario)?

Imagine your campervan:

  • in front of Stonehenge

  • at Hadrians wall

  • with the white cliffs of Dover in the background

  • with Edinburgh castle in the background

  • with Mount Snowdon as the backdrop

  • with Ben Nevis as the backdrop

  • at the Jurassic Coast

  • in Brecon Beacons

  • at Lock Ness

  • in the Lake District

as a few UK based examples!

Support the #roadtrip4charity

As part of the road trip, I'm looking to help charities around the countries I visit by providing free photography services and images to support their fundraising efforts.

So if you'd like to benefit from this great publicity and marketing opportunity, get in touch and let's have a chat!

I would also be interested in talking to others in the travel, camping and photography industries for sponsorships with similar rewards.

For example, tent manufactures, camping gear manufacturers, camera equipment manufacturers/resellers etc

If you think your product would be useful to anyone undertaking a road trip or is into travel, then get in touch!

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