Bridal photoshoot with Elle

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

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I had the pleasure of working with Elle for the first time on a recent bridal photoshoot. I’m always keen to shoot brides in different locations and lighting scenario’s and Elle was looking to build on her bridal portfolio

Instantly, on greeting Elle on arrival at my home studio, I knew that she was someone I was going to get along with. A big friendly smile is always a great way to greet someone.

Great first impressions Elle 🙂

Resting Bride

We split our day together between studio portraits (I’ll create a separate post on that once I edit more images) and bridal sets.

Wandlebury Country Park

Our bridal sets were further split between studio and woodland location. (I’ll update the post once I’ve edited some of the bridal studio portraits) Our location for the woodland/park setting was Wandlebury Country Park on the outskirts of Cambridge. I love this park as it offers so many different backdrop options. And each season offers yet further options.

Bride in the forest

We were both hoping for some sunset shots but unfortunately, the good old English summer was having none of that! So we made the most of what we were presented with, dull, grey skies.

We spent a good few hours at the park utilising as many of the different backdrops as we could. Elle was a proper trooper walking through the forest in her dress and shoes!

The gear

All shots were taken on a Nikon D750 and the chosen lens on this occasion was the Nikon 24-120mm f4 lens (which has quickly become my current ‘go-to’ lens) because I knew I wanted both tight headshots but also wanted wide-angle images of Elle in the woods. I knew I was going to have to crank the ISO up a little to compensate for the f4 aperture. I also incorporated a single ESDDI Speedlite on a stand with an umbrella on some images.

Bride on a bench
Enjoying the View

Despite the weather conditions, I’m very happy with the results Elle and I were able to achieve during this set.

If you have any questions regarding camera settings etc used for any of these images please do drop me a message and I’ll reply as soon as I can. I don’t necessarily want to make this into a technical photography blog 🙂

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Other shoots at Wandlebury

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