Best Budget-Friendly Nikon Walkabout Lens

The best Nikon walkabout lens

I'm often asked which lens I would recommend as every day or walkabout lens.

As a Nikon user, I can only comment from my experience and use of Nikon and Nikon compatible lenses.

What is a walkabout lens?

A walkabout lens, also known as an around, or general-purpose lens, is one that can perform well across many genres of photography.

Most professional photographers will have a wide variety of lenses depending on their niche. Or, if they are like me, and have interests in many photography types, they may have a 'niche lens'. For example, an f1.2/1.4 lens specifically for portraiture work. A 12mm lens for landscape work. A 600mm zoom for wildlife etc.

The Nikon 24mm-120mm F4G VR Lens

In my opinion, this lens needs to be in the kit box of any Nikon user.

It is a great all-rounder and can be picked up in excellent or good condition, second-hand for around £400.

With its 24mm it is suitable for landscape images and with the zoom of up to 120mm also a great portrait and street photography lens.

The f4 aperture throughout the zoom range is a massive plus in my books.

With the image stabilisation (VR - vibration reduction) it ensures a crisp image is captured pretty much every time!

If you want the tech specs, I'm not going to replicate what is already out there, this post is geared at showing you some of the images I've taken with this lens and my experience. Check out the tech spec on Nikon's website here.

My images and experience of the lens

This lens, soon after purchase very quickly became my go to lens for most of the photography I do.

From landscapes:

Sunrise at Horsey Gap
World War 2 Pillbox

and portraits

Natural light portrait of Natalie
Studio Portrait with Nikon 24-120mm F4 VR lens
Natural light portrait for Red Hen Charity

and animal/wildlife

The solitary duck
Mother swan and chicks


As stated, this lens very quickly became my go-to lens and I use it for almost everything.

So if you're looking for a versatile lens at a fair price, seriously consider this one!

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