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Vanlife UK - 11 Things To Do In Southwold, Suffolk, England

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

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Are you planning a trip to Southwold, Suffolk? Or perhaps you're just looking for a day out with the family?

In this post, I will list all the places I would like to see during my visit to Southwold.


Please note that the key driver for this road trip is photography. Therefore, many places listed below will consist of many locations that you may not consider to be 'bucket list' items. But if you are a photographer, or plan a long term road trip, then these may well be places you'd like to check out.

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Are you the proprietor or owner of any of the venues listed below? Or perhaps I have missed your venue from the list? I haven't listed any/many eateries on this list because those I will seek out personally when visiting towns/villages.

If you would like your venue added as a blog post, this can be arranged in exchange for free entry to your venue, free use of activities if any and sustenance (I don't take the piss!).

In return, I will experience your venue and provide a review of my own in a blog post. This post can include a few paragraphs from yourself if you choose and will contain a backlink to your website plus any contact details you wish to add.

In addition, you can choose any 2 images taken at your venue. Get in touch if you'd like to invite me to your venue. Check with your Marketing Director, it's a great deal 👍

Please get involved in Grumpy Git's Road Trip!

If there is something missing from this list that you feel should be there, please do leave a comment and if it's something that interests me I'll be sure to add it to the list 😊

As I visit the attractions/places below I will update this post with a link to the associated blog post for that location.

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Okay, I'll stop now 😊

Places to see in Southwold

  1. Southwold Pier - Southwold Pier is a pier in the coastal town of Southwold in the English county of Suffolk. It is on the northern edge of the town and extends 190 metres (620 ft) into the North Sea

  2. Southwold Lighthouse - Southwold Lighthouse is a lighthouse operated by Trinity House in the centre of Southwold in Suffolk, England. It stands on the North Sea coast, acting as a warning light for shipping passing along the east coast and as a guide for vessels navigating to Southwold Harbour.

  3. Alfred Corry Lifeboat Museum Trust - Our Museum is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Alfred Corry lifeboat. The Alfred Corry was the Southwold No 1 lifeboat from 1893 to 1918. She is a Norfolk and Suffolk type sailing and pulling lifeboat.

  4. Walberswick Ferry

  5. Denes Beach - Great for a family day out at the beach. Large expanse of beach backed by sand dunes. Ideal for relaxing with a picnic, swimming, sandcastles etc.

  6. Southwold Museum and Historical Society

  7. St Edmund's Church

  8. Hen Reedbeds

  9. Reydon Wood

  10. Southwold Maize Maze

  11. Coastal Voyager

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