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Road Trip Goals

Mission statement: Provide value to those who follow my journey


I have never lived in a motorhome for a prolonged period, so I will be learning as I go and I hope to share these learnings with you to make your transition into van life, or being a digital nomad easier. 

In addition to hints, tips and brutal honesty about van life, I will also create content of the places and people I meet. I hope that these blogs, image and video blogs will give you some inspiration for travel ideas of your own. 

I am also a lifelong photographer and will publish photography hints and tips, some of this content will be published on my blog and YouTube channel whilst other, more in-depth tutorials will be reserved for my Buy Me A Coffee members.

I truly hope that the content I put out will proof valuable to you, whether you're already undertaking van life, are in the planning stages of becoming a vanlifer, or are simply looking to improve your photography.



I'm confident that this road trip is going to provide both ups and downs, laughs and tears and I hope to share as much of this adventure with you through my various channels including my blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

I'll be providing honest reviews of the attractions, cafes, restaurants etc that I visit on my travels. Let me be clear though, I'm no food critic. I just know what tastes good and what doesn't.

Where possible, I hope to interview some of the people I meet on my trip but please bear in mind that I will be travelling on my own initiative and therefore don't have a film crew or anything.

Support Charities

An important part of my self-employed journey is to be in a position where I can dedicate time to supporting charities.

I will be providing free photography services and images to small charities along my travels, especially so those aligned with Mental Health, Homelessness and Children's services.

In addition to the free photography services and images as part of my #roadtrip4charity project, I will also be donating a percentage of the proceeds earned through the sale of my images to charities. You will be given the option to nominate your charity at checkout when purchasing any of my prints from a pre-defined list of charities. 

I'll also be releasing photobooks around mental health and homelessness, consisting of images taken during my travels. A percentage of the sales of these photobooks will also be donated to charity. 

If you are a small charity that could benefit from free photography services or images, please do get in touch.


Travel Resource

Grumpy Gits Roadtrip. Travel resource. Digital nomad. Vanlifer. Becoming a digital nomad. Travel blogger. Travel photography. Commercial photographer. EmC Photography. United Kingdom

It is my hope to create a really useful resource for fellow travellers. Whether they are simply looking to visit a particular country or undertake a longer-term road trip covering many countries.

This will heavily depend on how much support I get on my travels in way of people engaging with me for my services or purchasing my images and eBooks/photobooks as creating the resource I have in mind will require significant development work of both the website and an app which you will be able to download and use both online and offline on your travels. The app/website will allow you to enter a location, or use your GPS in using the app, to find nearby free or cheap overnight parking for those in a campervan, nearby attractions, cafes, restaurants etc. 

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