Are you:

  • An e-Commerce seller with constantly changing stock?

  • A food/lifestyle/travel blogger?

  • A chef or restaurant owner?

  • An artist who sells your work?

  • A hobbyist photographer who wants to take the next step?

  • Have a regular requirement for images. 

Then you are EXACTLY whom these courses are designed to help!

These courses are intended to get you to a level where you are confidently able to produce images for your store, social media, blog or website, 

"Everyone with a phone thinks they are a photographer", is a comment I hear often but its simply not true. I own a saw, that doesn't make me a carpenter. I own a spanner, that doesn't make me a mechanic. I own a pot, I'm certainly no chef! You get the idea!

So if you want to be more than a 'snapper' of shots, and want to produce truly eye-catching imagery, then get signed up to my newsletter for updates on course dates and locations. 


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Photography courses and workshops

Business Workshops

Are you a business that has several employees that need to be more than competent at taking photographs? 

Perhaps you are:

  • A real estate business

  • A hair salon

  • The HR department of a large organisation

  • Business with a high turnover of staff

  • A local newspaper team

  • A marketing team who wants to bring photography inhouse

Onsite courses start at £499 for up to 5 people (travel charged additionally)

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Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and for a no-obligation quote!

Getting Off Auto

Introductory Price: £149

A 4-hour workshop in which we will cover the exposure triangle of:

Aperture: What it is, what it does. How to use it creatively

Shutter Speed: What it is, what it does and which settings to use for different scenarios. 

ISO: What it is, what it does, pros and cons. 

Once you understand the relationship between these 3 functions you will be well on your way to taking great images in most lighting conditions and subject matter. 

You need to have a good grasp of the exposure triangle before you attempt any of the other courses below!

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Introduction to studio flash

Introductory price: £199

A 4-hour, studio-based workshop using a SINGLE studio flash! Known as low-key photography, it can produce really dramatic, eye-catching images. 


A great, and cost effective introduction into studio photography. 

We will cover:

  • Minimum equipment requirements for studio photography

  • Diffusors 

  • Reflectors

  • Posing

  • Lighting positions - 1 light, many setups!

A model will be present for you to put into practice what you have learned. 

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Natural light photography

Introductory price: £149

A 4-hour practical workshop running you through natural light photography. Includes:

  • ​Using aperture for creativity

  • Choosing the correct shutter speed

  • Using the sun as a backlight

  • Using reflectors

  • Composition

  • Natural light portraits - a model will join us for the workshop. 

Please ensure you have a good working knowledge of the exposure triangle!