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Commercial Photographer

Professional commercial photographer

Merchandise, eCommerce, Fashion, Outdoor & Travel photography

Commercial photographer. Business photographer. Brand photographer

Professional studio and lifestyle commercial photographer


Do you sell products on Amazon, eBay or Etsy?

Maybe you're a fashion designer or brand looking for lifestyle photography of your products being used in a real-life setting.

Or you're a business owner looking for personal brand imagery for use in your marketing and social media efforts.

Whether you're looking for a typical eCommerce style image of your product against a white background, or looking to have your product modelled in a studio or lifestyle setting, I have the experience, knowledge and desire to deliver on your photography brief.


Why choose me as your commercial photographer?

As a professional photographer (ie, someone who earns a living through photography) I take my role as your photographer very seriously! I am registered as a sole trader and have the necessary (and required by law) insurance to undertake your photography assignment. 

One unique benefit of working with me for your commercial photography requirements is the fact that I'm currently undertaking long-term travels undertaking a personal photography project. The benefit for you, especially if you sell outdoor products or fashion, is that I get to photograph your products in various settings! From the stunning coastlines of Devon to the high street of Cambridge.

You can post your products to me and once photographed to your approval they can be returned if you wish.

Do you have references?

Absolutely! And I'm pleased that you're actually taking the time to check these!

A warning about references!

As I'm sure you are aware, in this day and age, many business owners use less than honest methods to try and secure business and your hard-earned money! One of these dubious acts is to get fake reviews! Unfortunately, there are 'companies' you can pay a small fee to who will then have several people leave 'reviews' for you. This is common and larger platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor etc also! 

So when considering someone's references, try and see if you can find out who the person is who has left the review. Are they legit? Have they left references for others? And if they have, do they read similarly? 

Rather than post reviews and recommendations on my site like many do (which often are totally fabricated) I have provided links directly to where my reviews exist online. This allows you to see who has left the recommendation or review to confirm that they are legit!

Take a look at my reviews on Facebook and LinkedIn

How much do you charge for commercial photography?

Due to the nature of commercial photography where every brief differs from another, please contact me to discuss your exact requirements for a no-obligation quote. You can either use the form below or contact me on the number provided.

How do I book?

Once you have received your quote based on your requirements, a 50% deposit will be required to secure the project time in my diary. The balance is due once you have signed off on the images and prior to the high-quality, edited images being delivered.

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