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Welcome to The Grumpy Git's blog

This blog, moving forward as of 16th March 2020 will be primarily focussed on my travels as I prepare for and then undertake an indefinite road trip of initially the UK & Europe. Should this go well, and I'm able to earn money whilst travelling, photographing and documenting my journey, then the hope is to be able to extend these travels into other continents and countries. 

It is my hope that this blog will become a valuable resource not only to mainstream tourists wanting to see the usual tourist attractions but also for those considering a road trip through the UK and Europe. And also for fellow photographers as I explore and hopefully find some stunning locations for landscape and wildlife images. 

The success of this blog, and indeed my ability to stay on the road and make my dream a reality is heavily dependent on YOU, the reader and providing content of value that will keep you coming back to read and view my updates. So I welcome your engagement, please let me know what you would like to see on the blog. What would you find useful and unique? 

Please do share any posts that resonate with you to your networks as exposure at this early stage is absolutely crucial for me to start getting some traction for the blog. Your support will mean so much to this old git, you have no idea!

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